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November 2008       

Everything that we notice is meant for us. It is like someone sending us a letter that we are intended to open and read. If we miss out on the message or misunderstand it, we might not get another opportunity in this lifetime – Yudit Cohen-Shoore, my mentor from Jerusalem

Dear Reader, Please, keep in mind that Yudit’s language is Hebrew and that, in each of her teaching emails, she did her best to resurrect what English she had learnt in the early part of her life to share with me what she thought would benefit me the most – here and now.


“Do you remember, C.C.,” Yudit asked one day, “how many times I have told you that as our true self, as Soul, we already ‘know’ everything we need to know in order to be realized? I have already told you that we don’t need to learn anything more besides opening our heart to let our heart-chakra energy flow, one interaction at a time. Pashoot meod. Simple, really. No?”

It seems that what we define as learning is simply finding ways to remember from the ancient wisdom that, along with our karma, has been passed on to us through our recycled soul – bless her.

One day, Yudit reminded me that my car was the symbol of my inner self. When I come across ‘conflict energy’ on the road, such as the rumbling of trucks or the clattering of a train on the overpass, a traffic jam, a driver who pushes in dangerously close to my bumper – together and separately – each event symbolizes an aspect of my inner state.

Flip side: when the traffic is fluid and a string of green lights waits for me to go through before turning orange; when a driver hangs back to let me slip in the lane I need to move to, that, too, reflects my inner state such as it is at that moment. It presents me with the encouraging message that I am doing well and flowing.

“You see,” Yudit explains, “EVERYTHING is always right there in front of our eyes and everything is surrounded by a magnetic field, including us. You already know that like attracts like. When we are blocked, we attract to us similar persons, conflicts and frustrations that pashoot reflect our inner state. And when we are flowing and don’t lean on too many crutches, it reflects energetically and things flow better. How could it be otherwise?

People completely accept matters of energy when it comes to the TV, radio or their computer, but they have problems in accepting it when it concerns themselves. Let’s not forget that all these inventions are but symbolic images of our capabilities.

“C.C., you have to pay attention and learn to identify the symbols,” Yudit adds. “Observe. It is time to understand that the outside world is your stage. Why complain? You have free access to a big production on a huge stage and wonder of wonders is that you are the leading actress, the producer and the director. What more could you ask for? So, observe and enjoy.”

*Pashoot = simple


In the file entitled Dreams, Yudit deconstructed one of her dreams for my edification.  

A few days ago, I who never seems to remember any dream, I did remember one of these early morning dreams that are said to come straight from the soul. I looked out of a window and I saw that my car, a red jeep-like 4-wheel drive appeared a lot bigger than expected.

The soft-top that protects the cabin had been removed and the support frame appeared to have been torn off. Bits of metal protruded unevenly from the rest of the body. The damage to the car is clearly irreparable and further along the dream, I learn that it was a friend of mine who did this as a joke.

Calmly, I try repositioning the soft-top cover again, but it is not something that I can do on my own.

So, I wait patiently for the arrival of a friend; the one who turns up is the one who admits to the deed done to my car.

She gets on her phone and begins chatting with someone else while watching me wrestle with the problem.

So, I tell her that I don’t get the joke and that maybe she could help me fix the mess she created.

Reluctantly, she joins me in my efforts. Together we try to climb on the roof structure, bits of which have just reappeared but we still can’t do much.

Finally, some young men arrive. They climb on the roof and they attach the soft-top to it. Visibly, they have the strength to push and pull things into place that we didn’t have.


Deconstruction by Yudit

Car = higher self

I look out of a window and I see that my car (much bigger than in real life) = inner expansion, increased awareness

The soft-top that protects the cabin had been removed = my disguise – how my persona presents itself to the world – exposing the self as one does through teaching and writing

Torn off as bits of metal protruded unevenly = all kinds of thoughts and emotional clutter that were covered up are now exposed

A friend of mine = protection, support

Who did this as a joke = take things easy like a game – don’t take myself so seriously

Calmly, I try repositioning the soft-top cover again = patience and good control over emotions and thoughts

It is not something that I can do on my own = still unable to evolve on my own – in need of help

So, I wait patiently until the arrival of the friend = protection and a connection to Soul

The woman gets on her phone and chats = inner communication with higher self

I say that I don’t get the joke and that maybe she could help me fix the situation she created = I still need help on The Path

Together we try to climb on the roof structure that has just reappeared but we still can’t do much = still unable to climb high enough

Young men arrive. They climb on the roof – they have the strength to push and pull things back into place = help has arrived. I have all the assistance that I need in order to expand and evolve on The Path, and the feminist that I am need not be bothered that it is through male help that I was able to get things done. The nice young men in my dream represent my Yang – my male side.

Back on the topic of symbols in the material world, Yudit has this to say:

“Everything humans have ever built expresses the longing for their inner connection. Look at the vast palaces, the gothic spires and huge temples of old. Look at the modern-day skyscrapers and huge theme parks, the multiplex theatres.

Look at the always bigger stadiums and also look at the latest technological inventions created by the persona. All of them are the product of a human brain that has reached the maximum of what can be achieved, at least for now.

But even if the force of gravity can be conquered up to a point, there are always limits, a point beyond which no human can go. You need to ask yourself why create a new ‘world’s highest’ observatory needle from which to see humanity below as pinpricks?”

Super Sizing, in every field, has got to be the label for our culture. And thousands of people are already dreaming up the next world’s tallest tower while the current record holder is not yet finished.

In fact, each feat of gravity defiance and thrust towards the heavens leads to the rhetorical question of why is marine exploration so little developed?

In reference to the colossal greediness, envy, jealousy, anxiety and despair that brand us, as human beings, along with a generally aggressive nature, J. Krishnamurti, wrote, that though “There has been outward progress from the bullock cart to the jet plane, psychologically the individual has not changed at all.” [1]

Freedom From The Known was first published in 1969, and if the reference to the ‘jet plane’ feels a tad dated, simply substitute Virgin Galactic’s Space Shuttle II to revive the quote’s currency.

Anyone with $200,000 to spare will soon be able to enjoy lounging in zero gravity for 2.5 hours in the comfort of their own personal space suits. How good is that, huh?

Our love affair with height, not depth, started with the first tree that was tall enough to climb.

“Soul is inseparable from the whole cosmos,” continued Yudit, “and she cannot but see things as big and vast and wide that contain everything, not like persona’s limited perspective. Aval people don’t understand the real meaning of their big houses and even bigger mansions, big cars, big theatres, big stadiums, big skyscrapers and bigger everything. They want them for status, for fame, until they have so much that is so big that they lose themselves in this enormous kish-kushim and find relief only in sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, drugs, alcohol, which cannot protect them from dreadful illnesses, loneliness and suicide.    

Undeterred by the effort of expressing in English what came to her mind in Hebrew, Yudit continued, “You see, the human brain can invent only so many crutches on which to lean, in order to climb as if on a ladder, and with credit cards, money is no object. Ambition is no object either.

Why think small when you can think beyond limits? That’s true, but in order to really go beyond the highest point of anything man-made, we need nothing except to unveil ourselves and go naked the way we were born, pure souls free of the ego.

All man-made creations are symbols that reflect our inability to let go and stand free of crutches. C.C., remember that when symbols are idolized, whether it’s the emblem of a football team or the players themselves, or a high-profile Rock star or that sex symbol or anyone someone would die to meet, or the silver statue of the Priestess I gave you, the worship of each and all amounts to idolatry.

You are soul, C.C., but a statue is only a statue.”


From soccer stars to royalty, every high-profile person is only a person, small and vulnerable, who relies on chemical cocktails of one sort or another, on emotional crutches and stimulation that are substitutes for love. They clutch their status symbols, as we hold on to what we have. They hide under the glitz, the fracas, the pomp and ceremony – just to keep going, just to get by. Just like the rest of us, little Indians.

“The minute you put someone on a pedestal, you do separation” Yudit added. You create the ‘us’ that stands opposite ‘them’. In doing so, you invest these logos, these people with a power they do not have.  All people behind such objects and their personal fame, without exception, feed off the so-called little people without whom they are absolutely nothing. C.C., you need to learn to see beyond what your eyes do not yet perceive.   

“The matter of incarnation is as straightforward as the information that comes in on a SIMS card once you have acquired a new cell phone number,” Yudit explained further, “Except that your SIMS is a very old card that has travelled to you through eternity. Your soul has been on its way to you – and will live beyond you – ever eternally.  Through each of her incarnations, your soul has accumulated more and more data that you can now access once you free yourself of your ego. Most traditional books on dream interpretations separate the symbols from the dream’s story, which is not helpful. The point to keep in mind is that the content of our dreams is made up of messages sent to us by our soul. Ze lo tov interpreting such messages as if they were intended for the ego-persona, who can only understand things literally while dreaming events that are of a higher order.

“For instance, the traditional interpretation of a snake is ‘deceit’ because of the serpent’s involvement with Adam and Eve but, be-emet, in times even more ancient, the snake was already considered the symbol of wisdom and of kundalini. This is the reason why snake imagery all over the world became the symbol of healers and, even to this day, the symbol of doctors represented by the caduceus. C.C., ze lo tov transferring to animals negative aspects of our ego-personas such as deceit or cowardice. They are our brothers and sisters. They deserve better from us and what they really symbolize is our ability, as humans, to evolve.”

Most of us would agree that, as humans, we should see ourselves as custodians of all creations more clearly.

Yudit, who looks after various parrots on her rooftop terrace, told me one day that a very large bag of organic seeds had just been delivered to her front door. When I queried why ‘organic’ seeds for the birds, she replied in her usual matter-of-fact way that she would not separate herself from the parrots – and her two rabbits. If she eats strictly organic food and only vegetables and fruit because it is the healthier alternative, how could she feed anything she would not want for herself to the birds and animals in her care?

*Aval = but                  ** Kish-kushim = rubbish     ***Ze lo tov = it’s not good                ****Be-emet = really     

Ah, but wait! There’s more.

Besides the fact that they are grown organically, the corn cobs that Yudit buys are still attached to their husks, which the two pet rabbits, Bonnie and Dolly along with the birds, enjoy very much. Because these husks are free of pesticide, Yudit always finds “in every stalk a big green worm sleeping at the edge, so I cut the edge and I think that it’s that worm’s fair share of the corn. For without her no corn would have grown, ken? You do know that worms are essential to the soil.”

And so, Yudit puts the green worm out in a veranda pot along with its little piece of husk or lettuce and there it will live out its days in peace – provided a bird doesn’t pick it too soon as a tasty treat.


  1. Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known, (1983) Victor Gollanz LTD, London, p.13
  2. https://www.etcusa.com/corp/pressreleases/NR120507.htm


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