Why Write?

For me, writing is about the reader and I silently communicating with each other.

I like knowing that I always have someone, even if a stranger, with whom to share my thoughts.

Whether the genre is fiction or spiritual transformation, I always write about aspects of daily life.

I love to get close, analytically close, to my characters as I do to my own character. In both cases, I need to know who I’m dealing with.

As a writer, I try to do justice to my muse’s whisperings by shaping them into coherent sentences and paragraphs that resonate with readers.

I try to capture their attention and stimulate their imagination. I try to influence their reflections towards a higher degree of consciousness, if only for a moment.

There are times when the reader feels, thinks and sometimes replies, “I know. I’ve been there in my life.  This is how it is.  This is my story.” Or “That’s very familiar. I’ve been there in my nightmares. That’s about the person I don’t want to be.”

Either way, beyond personal enjoyment, my intention is to offer space in which women, people, can sense their own presence and see themselves.

Generally speaking, I choose to be an optimist because I am writing about situations, emotions, thoughts and ideas that no one is asking for and yet, I believe that somewhere, someone will have been led synchronistically over to my type of ‘food for thought’ and will care about it.

On occasions, a reader may reject what I have presented or represented … but I don’t take it personally. Not everyone loves everything all of the time. I don’t feel the need to defend either my thinking or my intentions.

I know that sometimes readers might be afraid of what their mind could open up to if they dwelled long enough on the situation or ideas put forward. I respect that.

There is love and darkness in each of us. So, whether it’s about relating to some controversial plot beats in my fiction, or whether it’s about deconstructing culturally-induced hacks of our heart and soul from a personal, secular perspective, I enjoy thinking that my writing offers relatable reads to a broad range of invisible, yet very real, persons ‘out there’.

As long as I allow myself the freedom and confidence to write what I feel and to feel what I write, I’m happy.

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