Where my writing passion currently lies

In the search for our emotional core is where my writing passion currently leads me.

Unchallenged, personal and societal default positions as well as hair-trigger emotions, tacitly accepted as cultural, have some of us wondering how to begin redesigning aspects of what matters most to us in this lifetime. We also ponder the legacy we will ultimately pass on to our grandchildren.

For me, beyond stepping up to matters relevant to my day-to-day with my best paw forward, a wishful redesign of what-is begins with an awareness of the interactive impact of the spiritual world that governs all aspects of life on Earth.

The filters through which random questions and thoughts drift in and out of my awareness are not of a theological nature. Instead, they stem from an attitude to life that I have fostered through the ten years of mentoring under Yudit Cohen-Shoore. The ever-widening, spiralling consciousness that ensued is constantly challenged.

Accordingly, my ongoing amalgam of mind-meandering articles posted on several dedicated platforms, as well as on my site, are simply intended as an active reflection on the mindset and behaviours that, frequently through flurries of reactive impulses, have propelled ancient and modern humanity onwards. Just as our mindset pushes us via our ego-persona through the content of this day, today, and every day.

Having said that, I believe it is appropriate to refer, here, to lines from George Elliot found one afternoon, while randomly flipping through piles of books stacked in a second-hand shop. Though I don’t remember the title of the book, I clearly remember reading that, in regards to all she considered her best writing, George Eliot had been aware of whispers from ’not herself’ which took possession of her thoughts.

In such instances, she felt her physical persona was merely the instrument through which a creative spirit was guiding her writing.

When it comes to my own ‘whisperer’, my muse, the source of my inspiration, the one who has infused my mind with the many thoughts now bound within the covers of seven paperback novels and the three volumes of the Stepping Stones To the Top Of The World series, I have no doubt that her name is Soul. Sure! Why would Soul have a bias against sexy fiction intended for the ‘Thinking Woman?’ 😊

Warriors We Are

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It's Cultural. It's Not us.

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The Stepping Stones Series

Rethinking Thinking

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