When fiction intersects daily Reality

Dear Reader,

My passion is to peek inside the dark corners of my characters’ emotional baggage and sexuality and engage the reader as a witness of their strength of character.

Grapevine chatter

Reading specific chapters has been compared to acts of vicarious but delicious voyeurism. True, the challenge is to respect my characters’ integrity, not only for the readers’ sake but, more importantly, for the women who, in real life, have felt in their heart a pain that is similar to that of my characters.

  • The texts that create themselves in my mind provide a means to explore variations on the theme of female love and desire, at times gritty, at times sensual and, at times, both.
  • Because my characters live in this 3-D world of ours, not on Planet X, inevitably, some of their lives intersect with men and, at times, I call upon ‘my women’ to survive the sort of great odds that are part-and-parcel of the lives of many girls and women worldwide.
  • It has been said that some texts push a few buttons that, sometimes, had been either buried deeply or undetected within the readers themselves.
  • Such plot beats are found to be useful conversation starters on topics that one may have been hesitant to broach to friends or family.

What I know for a fact is that, at the very least, they provide very sexy moments to share with someone … close – and that your best friends will love you for lending them a Saint-Clair novel because they’ve been hard to get.

Spoiler: these texts are not ideal for anyone who wants a book that can be read in short bursts while keeping an eye on the kids or the bus route.

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The Stepping Stones Series

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