I found Jagged Dreams interesting in many ways though I, initially, thought it odd that Saint-Clair should stray from what she had so far done so well, for us, readers of dyke romance.

A sigh of relief. The moments of sexy romance are there, but for the first time, Saint-Clair has built the romance around a ‘Who dunnit’ hook.

Social-realism here is gay bashing, the setting is here, in Briz, and Saint-Clair has tackled the topic in her usual gritty, sometimes confronting way, but I also just love the tender and totally sexy love-play between Tamara and Marielle.

Perhaps, more importantly for women at large is the fact that it is these tender moments that truly empower Marielle and prime her to finally stand up to her father and reject his kinky behaviour.

I also enjoyed the way the narrative slips in and out of present time as Tamara slips in and out of consciousness [hence the title].

I read JD in the train during my daily commutes to Nerang and it certainly provided me with an escape from the monotony of it all. And I passed it on to my sister who says romance novels are boring. I’d like Saint-clair’s books to change her mind and i’m sure my sister will eventually thank me for it :/)

Tonie Morris