Morgan in the Mirror—Bringing understanding about what it’s like to be more than a butch lesbian, not a lesbian at all, really-instead, a boy stuck inside a girl’s body, longing to pee like a boy, have a penis, get an erection, climax like a man-this book let’s you in the world of becoming a transman-a transgender woman to man-going through the incredible journey from one sex to another, regardless of the emotional and financial costs or the overwhelming medical procedures.

The story is told through the eyes of Morgan, a transman living as a man in Australia, Morgan’s best friends, lesbian lovers Jo and Maddy, and Christen, a bi-curious police detective who falls for Morgan.

The love and the acceptance that allowed a supposed guy into the closely guarded world of the lesbian couple transcends into even more love and acceptance than before.

This book is definitely the read-even if you think you’re not directly connected to the subject, “our survival as a community is based on our ability to become compassionate, accepting human beings capable of caring for each other, even in the absence of understanding.”

by: diane wilde  [email protected]