Personal Accountability – Up To A Point

Time to meander back to the start-up idea of our destiny through personal accountability – up to a point

Within the scope of our responsibility as parents, workers, employers, providers and politicians, of course, we all need to provide an active and loving duty of care in the right manner and for the right reasons.

That said, there is always some reasonable limit to the duty of care. The conundrum is always where to set that limit and what type of penalty to apply when we merely look for human blame, as opposed to amalgamating it within intentional karmic synchronicity.

Be that as it may, in the absence of a lightning bolt yielded by a sky god, each karmically engineered death requires either human or animal intervention, a natural disaster or an otherwise inexplicable set of circumstances – each being a karmic agent, by any other name.

In secular parlance, and within the context of this mind-meander, the vanishing phrase ‘an act of God’ used to refer to an uncontrollable natural hazard. That phrase could now be replaced by ‘an act of Karma’ from the astral field a.k.a. the quantum field or ‘an act of Energy’ from the quantum universe.

It pays to accept that, for reasons beyond human understanding and manipulation, we all have shelf lives of varying lengths.

If hindsight were still available to us after dying, we could surely say, ‘I should have known it was coming’ but, by then, hindsight is no longer ours, and the grieving ones’ emotional pain affords them neither a clear overview of the lost one’s energetic road map nor of their own. Only regrets.

In hindsight, too, shaped by powerful energies operating beyond our control, our lives’ plot beats seem inexorable.

That said, the quality of the energies that burst forth from all parties touched by one’s passing resonates in the Astral world and creates energetic shifts that ripple on and on – away from the epicentre.

The exacting quantum universe projects energy shifts on to the living tapestry that it co-weaves with each one of us. In doing so, it imitates or reflects how we think of – and act towards – others. In the fullness of time, this energetic tapestry delivers to our doorstep content of unfathomable potential. It is all ours to neutralise, amend, reap or harvest in the 3-D sequence we call Life, here and now.

We all have an expiry date. It and our big exit event confirm themselves, slowly, at the beat of our inherited genes, our constitution and karma. At the beat, too, of our real-time, personal priorities, of our emotions, of our decisions, actions and inactions and also according to their intended protracted or immediate effect on others, near and far.

Past a certain point, once the sharp sound of the gavel is released in the quantum field, however inaudible it is to us on Earth and regardless of one’s age and gender, status, opinions and expectations, neither a shortening nor an extension of life will ever be granted to anyone.

The tenor of our emotions, thoughts and actions – or inactions – become encoded through repetition over an undetermined time span. What is intended to pass will run its course.

An earthly situation or conflagration will be generated to move each ‘persona’, each one of us, at the right time and the right place for the crucial, unanticipated, but life-altering shift to happen. Yes, though there is never any genuine intentionality, some of us, karmic tools that we are, find ourselves unexpectedly ‘guilty’ of having brought someone’s life to a close.

Billions of karmically-orchestrated incidents unfold daily across the globe, but one very sad illustration of this concept is embedded in the ‘event’ that prompted an 86-year-old driver to reverse her car out of a local shopping centre carpark at the precise-exact moment a mother and her young daughters stepped on to a pedestrian crossing immediately behind the car. The youngest child died from her injuries.

Imagine the trauma and guilt suffered by the elderly driver who had done nothing more than reverse her car out of its parking space. Imagine the shock, the emotional pain, horror and guilt of the girl who survived her little sister.

Imagine the grief and the feeling of guilt for the girls’ mother. Different, of course, but imagine, too, the shock of the shoppers who abandoned their cars and trolleys to help as best they could.

After all, each and every one of these people cast as characters in this karmic tragedy, no-doubt lovely persons in their own right, had only converged on that specific area of the mall for a spot of shopping.

Different again, but imagine the shock and dismay of the elderly woman’s family and the mixed emotions that were released ‘out of the blue’.

Equally, imagine the silent waves of energy that sparked, blended, fractured and collided just from that moment of inadvertence in a car park. Emotional connections will have been made on that parking lot and soon after that would never have otherwise been made. Some relationships will be enhanced by what came to pass while others will fracture and implode under strain.

Feelings, ideas, thoughts, ha-ha moments that would not have otherwise come to them will permeate the mind of others, leading them for better or for worse to situations they had not anticipated.

The bottom line is that whether we are going forward or making a U-turn or backing up, we, drivers of our own lives, never have a direct, transparent view of where we are going.

Mind meander continued in next file 😊

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