Optics vs Optimism

Chapter 5 – 

More than a tool that can be purpose-[re]built, our ego-persona is our raft.

She is the only means by which we can inch closer and closer towards our dedicated rainbow and the calmer waters above which it bows in the distance.

Serious question: what if all that was required to keep our little raft from capsizing was that we learn our lessons by reaching coherent conclusions about life as we know it?

What if we questioned our desire to have our truth to be ‘the truth’ at the expense of anyone else’s ‘truth’?

What if we, then, accepted our share of responsibility for the inner-outer reality we have helped engineer?

What if we promised ourselves to never fall back on the same familiar default patterns that have brought us to the point of discontent we’re at today?

What if we remembered that, no matter the situation, there is always a trapdoor within reach that’s labelled Push to Thrive?

What if we remembered, too, not to take anything or anyone for granted?

After all, we all know so well that ‘things’ can change for the worse in a nanosecond.

At any time – on any day, even on weekends.

Even when on holiday.

Even when on the holiday of a lifetime.

No matter the situation, there are always those who struggle and adapt to rise, shine and thrive.

There are always those who struggle, fragment and crack, seemingly unable to do more than infuse ‘the future’ with the familiar but unpleasant flavours of the past.

Some shrivel up and wither.

There are also those who merely stagnate.

Either way, we feel for others as we would like them to feel for us.

They don’t need our judgement. They need our empathy.

That said, there are always those who rise to whichever inner-outer challenge is presented to them by the ebb and flow of life.

They energised themselves, and now they revived and renewed, onboard their raft, they emerge out of the swells.

Yes, of course, at times, for reasons we don’t grasp, some of those we consider ‘lucky’ seem to have benefitted from the palette of complications that befell them.

What remains unclear is whether the ripple-effect of inner gains is dynamic enough to sustain them over time – inside and out.

Only time will tell.

Whether they are known to us or celebrities, social media will, no doubt, keep us posted.

Serious question: to assist fortuity co-engineered with the universe, dear Reader, what other inner factors might have supported these persons’ revival or renewal?

Reality check: no one alive on planet Earth has ever been gifted a non-stop ‘charmed life’ from birth to death.

No one.

Not now.

Not millennia ago, and no future being will either.

At least, not as long as they remain ‘human’ according to Nature’s design.

Serious question: how can we, here and now, begin to incrementally bring about a much-needed sea change into our own inner-outer landscape?

Quick answers:

-by following our natural inclination for change.

– by not getting carried away either by childlike excitement or overwhelm.

That’s because either is likely to topple our raft.

So, as we are not children anymore, we no longer act because we think we should or because someone wants us to or because … we can.

There are times when we need to take a step back for the greater good – our own and that of others.

At other times, the moment to do everything we can to push in the right direction is the moment underfoot.

Reality check: we all desire the freedom to do and the freedom to be, but we don’t want to do much on our own, and we don’t want to be on our own either.

We yearn for genuine connections to others, but on our own terms.

We want to be free-thinking individuals, yet we invest time, effort and money into all manner of cultural trends. Thus, we become active members of the largest herd on the planet.

Very serious questions: how differently might we feel, think and respond if we took our intuition ‘off mute’?

If our priority-desire was to achieve emotional coherence?

If our intention was to aim for sustainable life changes as opposed to short-term fixes and escapes?

What if, at the time of designing our bucket list of desires, we asked ourselves a few key questions?

What feels right?

What feels good all on its own?

What feels true to me?

How will this or that impact my nearest and dearest?

Serious question: what thoughts, actions or inactions would provide healthy roots for our overall plan to advance towards our vision board rainbow?

Simple question: because, deep down, we intuit the correct answers to these questions, shall we, then, here and now, also add Emotional Coherence to our bucket list?

Simple answer: of course, but only if we are ready to be curious and courageous!

That means becoming open to coherent possibilities because, when beamed down by the universe, they will pop ‘outside the box’ and surprise us.

Any incoherent movement, any sudden imbalance might also capsize our little raft.

Last question: as the self-directed beings that we are, how ready are we to flow within the current of our newfound, healthy curiosity?

Here’s a thought, dear Reader: how about we insert Optimism at the top of our bucket list? 😊


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