Snap Review by Kris Witan

The one main difference between a C.C. Saint-Clair novel and most of the competition in the LGBT genre is the range and depth of emotions her writing drudges up in the unwary reader.

The deceptive simplicity of her plots pushes buttons, and because Saint-Clair’s novels are “not for readers who chose to live, eat, breathe and read in the mainstream, but for those who dare to explore,” C.C. has put together a website – – that provides free-ranging opportunities to sample each of her urban storylines and the often gritty social issue flagged.

Each one of C.C. Saint-Clair’s 7 novels carries her trademark blend of layered sensuality folded through raw emotions and around harsh but textured real-to-life issues.

C.C. Saint-Clair’s novels are much more than books. They are means to an end: empathy for those women whose real personal struggles and emotional baggage she imagines for her fictitious characters.