My background as a writer of Mind-Meanders

My background as a writer who enjoys mind-meandering on all matters of the heart and soul of our culture

In 2007, one year after my connection with Yudit Cohen-Shoore, my mentor in Jerusalem, had begun, though I had published seven paperback novels in as many years, I felt a timely urge to switch from writing romance novels within the genre of GLBTIQ social realism to risk myself inside the fathomless depth, currents and swirls of spiritual philosophy.

2007 – Jerusalem

By then, I had glimpsed that a key to better understanding the flashpoints of our existence was somewhere to be found and that cognisance of [non-dogmatic] holistic spiritual philosophy could lead to my own conscious evolution.

No prayers, no ashrams, no guru-worship and no rituals needed.

Thing is, if all aspects of ritualised spirituality could be by-passed, a genuine, active, day-to-day awareness of my consciousness, of my emotions, thoughts and reactive decisions were still required. Argh! Par for the course. No free ride.

In fact, there is no ride at all to be had, as I have since found out through my trials and tribulations as a newbie, but a determined one, on the Path.

The journey consists of one conscious thought generated correctly and followed by another. It consists of one coherent action followed by another, of one overall decision borne out of clarity and another intended for the greater good of all concerned, followed by another and another until the first milestone (of many on the way) is reached.

Yudit also talked about the severe warnings our planet had been sending from all parts of the globe. Inspired, I wrote a debut article, Angry Planet, in 2009, and updated the file in 2014 under the title Angry Planet – Global WarNing.

Several dozens of articles followed such as, In Tolerance We Are Safer and Would The Real Soul, Please, Rise! and Genuine Love/Unconditional AcceptanceWhat is?

Some years later, as the result of weeks of hashing out ‘the Jesus question’ with Yudit, I felt moved to write a piece on the man, as a historical figure. That done, the fiction writer still lingering within whispered, ‘So much research on Yeshua, the man behind the myth! Why not make the most of that and write a fiction piece based on the last 48 hours in Yeshua’s/Jesus’ life?’

Never one to refuse a nudge from my muse above, and having missed the challenge of the creative process that fiction especially involves, writing pared down, intelligent dialogue, I thoroughly enjoyed writing From Gethsemane to Arimathea.

In the fullness of time, the shift in awareness initiated by Yudit’s mentoring yielded

The Great Forgetfulness, the first volume of the series entitled Stepping Stones To The Top Of The World. It was followed by Rethinking Thinking, published in 2017.

Yudit CS – Jerusalem-2007

Each eBook is over 300 pages long and not for sale. Though this way of thinking is highly controversial, I believe that, as ‘abundance’ can be generated in many ways, services of a true spiritual nature deserve better than to be exchanged for mere money. Even if time, effort and expenses were invested in the honing of one’s aptitude, they were presumably, and primarily, invested for one’s personal growth.

The seeds of visionary belief systems are not developed through years of paid tuition and compulsory studies made, more often than not, unduly challenging by the yoke of academia, as nurses, teachers, lawyers, psychiatrists and doctors have to endure in their attempt to afford their chosen lifestyle while also being of service to others.

Instead, it is generally accepted that any degree of spiritual clarity or healing ability is a gift, a blessing, beamed down from the astral realm or, as some now say, from the quantum universe. Thus, I like to imagine such a gift as the best illustration of the idiomatic expression: the gift that keeps on giving.

One of several positive aspects of the world wide web is that free downloads, free webinars and webcasts enable access of all to all and, at that level at least, all is as it should be.

Messages equivalent to saying ‘no to emotional drain and pain’ and ‘yes’ to personal growth and abundance in these times of uncertainty’ have been pushed out via media and technology for quite some time already and, there is no need to abandon the comfort of family and home to share our beliefs with others, to teach and to serve.

Out-dated should be the urge to go from city to city and across borders, as did the trekking missionaries of old who felt compelled to ‘save souls’ across the seas and over mountain peaks.

It is in 2010 that I stopped promoting my books, preferring to let synchronicity do its thing. I am still firm in the belief that whoever is already karmically intended to not just read, nod and move on to the next esoteric stimulation, but to benefit from that soul-inspired content, will somehow come across it at the time s/he will be most open to it.

This conviction has freed me up – mind, body and heart – for the daily hands-on practice of actively accepting What Is. It has given me the space to step up as the best version of myself that I can manage to deal with each flashpoint, as it presents itself encapsulated in the moments underfoot.

‘No time like the present,’ were the words penned by an anonymous person a very long time ago. As the story has it, John Trusler, a literary compiler, amplified that thought in 1562 by adding, ‘A thousand unforeseen circumstances may interrupt you at a future time.’ And some do, indeed. They really do.

And so, these days, I am drawn to lateral explorations on the theme of conscious evolution through the process mind-meanders on all matters of the soul, within the heart of our culture.

I published these explorative ‘raw’ opinions and mind-meanders on platforms such as EzineArticles and HubPages.

With all that said, it is a hype-free, honest approach to a secular and functional spirituality that has held the focus of my research, thinking and writing. In the early days, I used to refer to this approach as Naked spirituality.

Why Naked? you might ask.

Naked, because the shift created by this approach to secular spirituality is ignited within by the evolutionary work done – not outside of us through mesmerizing chants, feel-good dancing, aura maps and crystals or through a myriad of ‘creature friendly’ props such as successions of retreats, workshops and yet more wellness books on the bookshelf though they, too, have their place.

The thing is, I do not believe that any long-term shift can ever take place until we become fully Awake and Aware – not so much aware of what we do or aware of how we do it – but totally aware of WHY we do what we do ALL that we do. And then, of course, through heightened clarity and coherence between our intentions, our emotions and our actions, the aim is to exert a daily, true-grit, unbiased, holistic control of the lower end of our ego-persona.

Approaching spirituality in that manner has helped me ‘test the system’ in my daily life – year in/year out – from the moment I set a first tentative step on the Path back in 2006 with Yudit Cohen-Shoore, as my mentor.

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