MouseToRat, hi,

It’s really neat of you to have revived the thread on Morgan. I often say that my novels are like so many of my children, each of them very different from the others, but I have to admit that Morgan in the Mirror and Far From Maddy are my ‘favourite’ ones, in the sense that Morgan and Jo’s lives still move me, so many years after publication.

What happens is that each of my characters is very real & vulnerable in my mind at the time I create his/her life but, some parents will agree with me, if pressed, that one child in a family of many can just be… more special, “even though we love them all very much.”

When it comes to Morgan, I am so pleased to have your support, MouseToRat and the support of so many in the FTMs in the TG community. And, of course, the support of those like you all on this forum, Stargayzer, readers in the lesbian community and, of course, that of the lesbian reviewers for without any of you, the word of mouth would slow right down.

MouseToRat, I’ve come across the exchange between you and Stargayzer on the Morgan in the Mirror thread, and yes, you are right, I have been BBQ’ed, fried and roasted by a faction of the FTM community – young-ish males for the most part limited by a surprisingly high degree of narrow-mindedness, cocky and truculent all the same in their newly realised state of being.

It is, however only on this thread that I will put in my two-cents worth on the topic and it goes like this,

Yes, response to Morgan from the TG/ FTM communities is still mixed, almost polarised.

On the one hand, there are the ones who, very aggressively, let me know in no uncertain terms that I, a lesbian, had absolutely no business writing a story, let alone an intimate story [meaning a story which contains explicit sex scenes] about such a character as Morgan. These people flame the book every chance they get though they will admit to not having read it. They flame it on principle. That’s OK. Having principles, in itself, is a good thing.

They don’t seem in the least interested in knowing that Jamison Green, the man himself, has given Morgan a thumbs up.

Others think that it’s really ‘nice and supportive’ of me to have gone out of my way to immerse myself in seriously in-depth research and see Morgan’s journey through to publication for no other reason than to flag the issue, at a time when, back in 03/04, there was little visible interest in and understanding of the FTM position on the gender continuum, in any community –even in mine, the lesbian community.

Things have changed for the better in a relatively short period of time, but it is a change that has come about as a result of the groundswell generated for decades by early FTM activists whose life purpose through circumstances became two-fold: first, to have their community made visible and recognised for what it is, simply a point between binary oppositions: and second, to generate the same rights for their community that we lesbians and other minorities have had to fight for, namely equality, not merely on paper but, even more difficult, in the hearts and minds of the citizens of the world – in other words, acceptance.

It’s great to see a site like Trans Passions advertised on All Things Lesbian. Yes! But that wouldn’t have happened 4 years ago.

I am happy to hear about all the FTM support cells and sports teams that have blossomed on so many campuses, though mostly in the States.

In short, there is a lot of support at the moment for all that is FTM-related … And not a day too soon!

Having said that, despite Morgan still having its purpose as an FTM-empowering novel [and there still aren’t many] if I hadn’t already written it, I am sure that, today, I would not feel so compelled to write it, as I felt way back when.

Back then, I saw myself as a lesbian writer with a mission: to help along the ones who weren’t ‘getting’ it towards a greater understanding that “gender and sexuality have never been frozen in binary oppositions of either/or but have always existed as mere stations along a rich and gloriously multicoloured continuum”.

This was my signature sound bite back then, and I still stand by it. Morgan was my little act of activism for a great cause.

The last thing I will add while I’m at it is that I’m in the process of tidying up the latest draft of the screenplay adaptation of Morgan, with a view to meeting a US comp deadline.

So … MouseToRat, even if you care only a little bit, why don’t you wish Morgan and me all the luck you can summon.

We’ll need every ounce of it to compete with the big boys & girls who are true screenplay writers.