Mind-Meandering – Soul Matters

April 16, 2008

Every time we have an itch, you see, our first impulse is to scratch it, to indulge it. This works well for our pets and for all other animals but, we, humans, need to know that emotional itches should not be scratched any more than physical ones, otherwise the bites never cease to itch; they get puffy, infected, creating the extra side-effects that keep us in our blind-mouse ways, disconnected from our soul, and oblivious to the added dots of unhelpful karma that connect in our energy field.

In the absence of absolute, authentic and verifiable knowledge, when it comes to esoteric explanations and beliefs, one can only abide by what fires up one’s mind. As in all matters of views, it is pointless to insist that our belief system is the only one worth abiding by. So, what follows is simply a short list of my newfound understanding which, in time, will probably become ‘my’ new found belief.


Sure! My soul is looking down the barrel of an ongoing cycle of incarnations, along with most of the souls currently incarnated which, for our souls, amounts to nothing less than an endless string of life spans spent in captivity, with a disorientated sort of ‘feeling’, even though in the eternal spiritual realm, lifetimes are over and done within the blink of an eye.

Our soul can suffocate over time. When she does, we become terminally ill, psychotic, or chronically depressed because she has given up hope of any karmic amendment from us, and she is sinking. It has to be understood that matters of the soul can only manifest themselves to us at the mental/physical levels – how else would we take notice?

As long as we react from an automated response system, what we put out comes back to bite us on the tail, and we complain about our bad luck and the futility of life. Our souls cannot exist independently from our thoughts and our deeds.

What we sow, they reap. Karma is our personalized balance sheet. Unlike our bank statements of old that were keyed in by a human, the spiritual tabulator of our consequences is infallible.

 Here is a quick checklist that recaps essential soul-facts, as I currently understand them.

  • Every soul is ancient. As such, she is loaded down by the karma accumulated by all her previous incarnations.
  • Just as a mother is responsible for her child, or a scientist for her creation, be it Frankenstein or C-3PO [Star Wars], Erasmus [Dune] or one of the Decepticons [Transformers], a soul is responsible for all her incarnations’ actions. However, like Sonny, the blue-eyed robot in I, Robot, we have become misguided.
  • For over two thousand years, our ego-persona [our energy field], has been our body’s built-in ‘party-girl’, one who seeks happiness through sensory gratification and impulsive behaviours, while our soul seeks to secure for us the highest source of happiness – nothing less than paradisiac happiness – through good old-fashioned spiritual enlightenment. Which explains why, by now, our karmic tail is probably as long as the tail of comet Hyakutake’s. Back in 1996, its tail, as recorded by the Ulysses craft, spanned some 571 million kilometres.
  • Compounded by our karmic inheritance, the compulsive nature of our struggle to hold on to what is impermanent and illusory – like the child who tries to trap water in her fist only to watch it drip away – maintains our soul permanently captive of our ego-personas.
  • Because of our karmic baggage, we, as incarnations, have an ego-persona [energy field] made up of energy that is known as ‘gross energy’.

Point to remember: the more evolved we become – the thinner, the more sensitive our energy field becomes. The more powerful, too, because it is cleansed of [gross] low-frequency vibrations.

Imagine how much better our old car would run if we treated it to more than the humdrum grease and oil change and kitted it out with a new carburettor complete with its assortment of pumps, valves and tubes? Yudit might well be right when she says, “It would fly!”

  • It is important to remember that our soul is our higher self – it is pure energy – it cannot be made impure. Never. No matter what we get up to.
  • Since our ancient soul is the only real “I” and the only real “me” we have, it is our responsibility to amend some of the cumulative karma created by all her previous incarnations, as well as the karma we create every minute we are not ‘in the moment’ in this, her current incarnation.

But wait! Again, there’s more 🙂

Après moi, le deluge [After me, let the deluge come i.e. come what may] the French phrase usually attributed to Louis XV, but that might actually have been spoken by Madame de Pompadour, represents the antithesis of how we need to concern ourselves with what will come to pass … after we are gone.

In fact, the most important thing – the one over which we have the most control – is to not create any new karma for whoever will inherit our soul, once we shuffle off our mortal coil.

  • The task of our ego-persona [our energy field] is to be a tool that is clear and pure, so as to enable our soul to gain realization, awareness and enlightenment through our own doing, through our actions – a step on the upward spiral of spiritual evolution. Our ultimate aim should be to surrender the controls to our soul, to let her see through our eyes and to let her guide the vehicle that we are.
  • Human-made karma ‘forces’ souls to cycle through the incarnation spiral. The selection of souls operates according to Cosmic order and hierarchy. Guides – maybe angels – are a part of the selection process.
  • No soul can walk away from any of its incarnations’ karmic debts and, so, the magnetic force of karma commands each soul back to a specific human body until, with her and through her, we have amended all that was our karmic duty to amend in this or any other lifetime.
  • As I understand it, souls that have to re-incarnate too soon cause the incarnation to be emotionally unstable.

I am going out on a limb, here, thinking that, if this were to be true, then, a mass murderer’s actions might be prompted by an ego persona that is unusually powerful – but diagnosed as having a severe mental condition. Having said that, I do believe that a soul – which is constant, pure energy – cannot deliberately lead the ego-persona to commit a heinous crime.

  • Any crime committed is executed under the influence of our ego-persona. I tend to think that the same reasoning applies to individuals who suicide. An overly powerful ego-persona creates a massive short-circuit that causes it to destroy the life it was intended to protect.

I suspect something similar happens with individuals who are overly charismatic. They enslave those of their followers who depend on them for a sense of personal worthwhile they, themselves, are often deeply miserable and misguided human beings.

Thinking out loud: Imagine the cacophony of a nearby flock of parrots drowning your words. Extreme doses of that sort of erratic clamouring lead some individuals to robotic, dead-heart behaviours that, on the surface, appear totally incomprehensible. How, indeed, to hear Soul’s whisper over din and turmoil?

What our civilization amounts to is some 6+ billion worth of egos going about their business as usual, while some 6 + billion souls are suffocating, only able to whisper or weep but, mostly, I suspect, they are asleep. Gaining realization through successful karmic ‘edits’ made by the ego-persona is sublime. At its best, it is about uniting with the highest energy there is and becoming whole. For our soul, it is the final Homecoming – the end of her incarnation cycle. Free at last.

As ego- personas, each one of us can only aim for some sort of evolution. We must set ourselves goals. We must go beyond dreaming, beyond wishful thinking. We should open ourselves to the challenge of hearing our soul’s whisper over the din of our existence, but, gently, gently. As Yudit likes to remind me, “Too high a voltage in too small a bulb and the bulb  explode.”  And the only way to safely increase the capacity of ‘the bulb’ is to be monitoring ourselves, our spikes, how our buttons are being pushed in our present moments.

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