Karmic Moments – make or break

Reincarnated beings, we are not. A reincarnated soul, we have.The physical vehicle of our appointed soul, we are.

Our karmic life cycle began with the pre-ordained selection, not only of our biological parents but also of the region of our birthplace and its food and seasonal patterns. I include the latter considerations, as it is generally understood that these factors impact pregnancy and gestation in several ways.

It is easy to imagine that immediately post-birth, in the weeks that follow and throughout early childhood, the experiences a child might have would differ greatly, whether one was born in Oldham, Kyoto, Aleppo, Stockholm, Gaza City, or in a remote indigenous location in rural Australia.

Every human since the dawn of time has been appointed by birth as the designated righter of selected past wrongs. Provided we sense how to go about our day-to-day with appropriate awareness, empathy, resilience and coherence, our life has the potential to yield a great sense of wholesome satisfaction and even contentment.  We have all been tagged to reap recompense for repair to grievances suffered by several of our soul’s previous ‘vehicles’ on Earth.Truly, there has to be ‘something’ greater out there than us, mere humans, who are as easily buffeted by our emotions as by tropical cyclones, destructive tsunamis or devastating earthquakes – as by a lost promotion or a mere ‘bug’ in our gut.

So, let’s, for now, agree that our soul has been ‘assigned’ to us for specific karmic reasons which have to do with adjustments and retribution for acts committed by a blend of her previous incarnations across the aeons.As a result, the blueprint of our life is the result of the cocktail of energies created by the actions of those individuals who preceded us as human vehicles for our soul.

At times those acts performed were horrific. Surely, when we imagine or consider the atrocities perpetuated across the planet, if only in the past 80.000 years, we can accept that.At other times actions were cruel while, at the easy-to-amend end of the spectrum, they were simply hurtful because self-centred.

The flipside of this is that our Essential Self, our soul, has the wherewithal to dispense rewards for the benevolence, compassion and nurturing with which we are intended to approach each other – here and now in this lifetime.She is the off-court, tournament referee floating high above the on-court umpire. Warning: it doesn’t pay to hit our racquet against THAT umpire’s chair.

Reality check: our current life is not only about us – far from it.In this, our only human existence, right here and now, on our patch of turf, here and now, we are all intended to be inside-out superheroes against some odds. No exemptions.

Good news for those who enjoy the journey more than the destination: the journey into conscious evolution never ends.

The bad news is that, sadly, none of our efforts will ever enable us to become the true masters of our destiny. Outcomes are the manifestation of energies that ripple out through the mystery of each moment that pops up underfoot.What new sets of connections and circumstances will be triggered, even by the manifestation of what we want the most, will remain veiled until revealed in a fresh series of moments … whenever – in the fullness of time.

That said, there is another small piece of good news: even if Soul, Higher Intelligence doesn’t seem to be aware of us, the reality is that every positive thought we release goes a long way into shaping our next step up and, incrementally, keeping us healthier … as another fresh series of moments reveal themselves – underfoot.

Two examples from recent months come to mind as mind-meandering illustrations of karmic happenings.First, four months ago at the time of writing, a massive celebration seized the world media and highjacked billions of conversations. It was the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.The unpredictability of unforeseeable karmic destiny played itself out on our screens and was viewed by more than two billion people worldwide. As mediatised news do, particularly visually spectacular ones, this wedding generated energetic ripples of mega-voltage by way of the emotions, thoughts, actions and reactions it triggered among the 110,000 spectators and guests attending, not to mention among those who chose to stay home that day and in the millions of people interacting with others throughout the globe. Imagine the number of personal plans and connections made, altered and broken – each yielding its own web of karmic uncertainty, suspense and synchronicity into the next moment.

It is impossible to gauge how many instants and life paths will have been forever redesigned by the emotions, thoughts, beliefs, arrangements, good and bad, triggered by news of the union of these two individuals who, two years ago, met in the course of a … blind date.  How many girls will have changed their names from Megan to Meghan?How many babies will be named after Meghan’s first-born?  However innocuous or life-changing, invisible to all, ripples from this wedding will alter paths, no doubt already affecting thousands of strangers, as we speak.

Then, a few months later, there was the collapse of the Ponte Morandi in Genoa, Italy. This event, too, created its own ocean of ripples. People expect bridges to be forever imposing and forever strong, like their cathedrals and their skyscrapers.The hubbub of blame, grief, questioning, repair, unforeseen opportunities plus active maintenance of bridge infrastructures means that people have come together, colliding and problem-solving, creating a sea of invisible potentiality, as they do.

Many of us will remember the graphic image of that little green truck poised only meters from the precipice that had suddenly materialised only a few meters away. According to the truck driver, seconds earlier, an overtaking car had forced him to slow down.  Annoyance at the driver might have been a likely reaction on the part of the driver of the little green truck.  Seconds later, everything shook. The overtaking car plunged off the sheared edge, following the 35 other vehicles that had preceded it on the bridge.  Instinctively, the driver of the little green truck slammed on his brakes, put the van into reverse and lived to tell his tale of ‘miraculous’ intervention on his behalf.

Bottom line: the person who seconds earlier had probably annoyed the driver of the little green truck had saved his life – though not intentionally.  Interestingly, the victims were citizens, not just of Italy, but also of Albania, Chile, Colombia, France, Jamaica, Moldova, Peru and Romania. Forty-three people, including three children, died in that instant. Many more were spared.

Clearly, in the quantum field, the die had been cast much earlier that day, that year or maybe even years earlier, regarding those who, for reasons only known in the Quantum universe, would be near the bridge, those who would be on it and those who would die below it on August 14, 2018. No differently than is decided every minute of every day, even in the absence of shocking news. It’s just that, for reasons beyond our human understanding, some moments of survival and some moments of death are karmically intended to be more spectacular than others.

The more graphic or spectacular, the more shocking or mediatised an event, the more effect it can have on our psyche, the more ripples connect, shift and blend – for better and for worse.Therefore, the faster a global critical mass of us, humans, worldwide update our thoughts, beliefs, and plans with ones that are healthily detached from energies one might catch like viruses – the more consequences are in positive flux.

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