Karmic Moments – Imposed or Brewed?

Part 1

Michel de Montaigne, the great philosopher of the French Renaissance, might have been the one who first wrote, ‘My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened’ but, five centuries later, it is easier than ever to fall prey to self-doubt and performance anxiety, on a number of fronts.Humanity feels stuck.Humanity is stuck.

The fear and anxiety manufactured by our desperation to never be perceived as ‘less than’ or ‘not worthy enough’ have become integral elements of the human journey.So is the recurrence of emotional pain, confusion and sorrow.  So is the yearning to make enriching connections and to lead enlarged lives.So is the sense of isolation.So is the resentment caused by the thought of being undervalued.

Each time we respond through inflamed emotions, we make a wrong turn in the conversation, in the relationship.Reactions that get us side-tracked away from our deepest intentions are the cumulation of clues and opportunities missed and misunderstood. These have nothing to do with ‘the other’.They have nothing to do with ‘bad luck’ or ‘bad timing’ either.They have all to do with what has become an unreliable response mechanism, within each individual.

Throughout the various plot beats of our lives, the blend and intensity of our emotions and reactions vary in magnitude and frequency, but these essential elements are the hurdles over which we should ‘ninja jump’.They are the LED flashing signs karmically intended to command our attention and point to our higher purpose.They prompt us to exert positive control over our emotions, thoughts, interactions and decisions.They inspire us to review and, hopefully, update our belief system by shifting away from unsupportive thought patterns.

When we recognise these ‘moments’ or ‘episodes’ for what they are – challenges intended for personal growth – we need to reward ourselves with a thumbs-up.  After all, exercising a higher degree of genuine free will by choosing coherently, not just the quality of the moment underfoot, but the quality of the energetic ripples already spreading as we speak, is what personal evolution is about.

Bottom line: regardless of the situation in which we have gotten ourselves, there is always purpose – one purpose – and that purpose is for us to go deeper and to aim higher.

The only way to evolve beyond our boxed-in, contracted, self-concerned approach to life is to, somehow, connect with our authentic selves. That is only possible through an alignment of our compassionate heart and mind. The cornerstone has to be a solid understanding of practical spirituality that has our Essential self, Soul, as the primary focus.

A practice focused on the interconnectivity of the body’s energy systems has restorative effects on our nervous system – the flipside of the effects induced by fear, stress and anxiety. Being concerned with the human spirit as opposed to physical things and ego-based posturing leads to holistic repairs throughout each of our body’s biofields.

An equally robust conviction of mine is that one specific soul amongst billions was karmically deployed from the quantum universe to become ours in this current lifetime.

Yes, it is true, no one really currently knows much about the quantum universe or the quantum field but, like the neurons and the even more minuscule protons that, until recently, had been invisible to all, it pays to accept the existence of a secular space where Intelligence resides, presides and decides according to the quality of the energy we exude in our dealings with others, day-in/day out.

So, for now, let’s agree that Soul is the beacon, the intuition, intended to guide us through the mesh of our karmic web, such as it has been pre-loaded and set to play out throughout the years of our lives.

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