Karmic choreography cont’d

Even if we walked with a fishbowl helmet on our head


We are humans. We have a karmic destiny to shape and tweak to a degree – but mostly to endure as coherently as possible.

Complicating factor: We are driven by our emotions and by our most immediate needs.

That tends to make us erratic – luckily, often without serious, overt consequences. But once a mind-spinning karmic choreography orchestrated in the quantum field positions any one of us on a collision course with whoever is scheduled for a testing turn in circumstances – or for a [seemingly] untimely exit from this life cycle – predictably, as in many KGB espionage movies, the sleeper within is awoken!

The moment we hit the spot marked X is the precise moment when otherwise decent persons such as you, me and everyone else become

‘unreliable’ in word, action or inaction – always for a reason. That momentary lack of clarity topples either our humdrum or happy moment underfoot into a tale of woe we would never have imagined for ourselves – or for anyone we care for.

When questioned about our action or thoughtlessness, more often than not, in hindsight, we will say something along the lines of ‘I just didn’t think …’ or ‘I never imagined …’ or ‘I didn’t know …’ or ‘I never thought …’ or ‘I have no idea why I did what I did’ – and that will always be the absolute truth.

Sure, consequences have to be faced, internalised and processed correctly. Regardless of the incident, we are party to, we need to apologise sincerely for the grievance our complacency has unleashed – and we have to make amends the best way we can – from the inside-out.

Of course, we need to accept the justified ire of the injured party – until they find in themselves enough compassion to forgive us. When relevant, of course, we also need to ‘pay the price’ according to an, hopefully, unbiased application of the law.

Yudit, my mentor who lived in Jerusalem was well versed in the sacred texts of Judaism. One day, I asked her to explain the biblical phrase ‘An eye for an eye’, as I couldn’t believe its intention was simply to incite physical retaliation in kind.

Yudit explained that the phrase could be interpreted in several ways, depending on the judging party’s inclinations.

The interpretation she preferred went along the lines of a humanised sort of reciprocal justice. She added that the notion of vengeance for the sake of placating an aggrieved party played no role in the Torah’s conception of court justice.

Victims are warned against hate, against bearing a grudge and against people taking the law into their own hands. She also pointed out that humanised reciprocal justice applied across all social groups and that the ‘eye for eye’ principle was followed by the proclamation, ‘You are to have one law for the alien and the citizen’ – as per Leviticus 24:22.

The gamut of personal and global setbacks, dramas and traumas that hit billions of us daily only amounts to karmic adjustments and challenges to our general complacency, our focus on ourselves and on what we see as ours. These ‘blows to the head’, as Yudit called these incidents, never accidental, are intended to make us grow into genuine adulthood.

Bottom line: Where and when such conflagrating moments are triggered, and what repercussions they will have for ourselves, as doers, and for others, as receivers or witnesses is the stuff, not of bad luck or wrong time/wrong place but of planned karmic synchronicity.

The good news is that the same quantum mechanics applies to any ‘lucky’ breakthrough and to every ‘miraculous’ rescue or narrow escape from danger. In such instances, too, you, me, or any other agent in situ essential to a happy outcome is activated as a karmic pawn a.k.a. a karmic tool – for reasons far beyond our human understanding. When congratulated about their courage, clarity and quick action, again, survivors and rescuers alike usually declare that they have no idea how they managed whatever they managed.

Adrenaline kicked it. They were ‘driven’ into action. That’s it.

Even if, one day, it became obligatory to walk around with our head in a fishbowl helmet, our body in a onesie of glass-fibre cloth, our hands and feet protected by silicone rubber gloves, nothing will prevent a metaphorical sinkhole from opening under our feet.

That said, imagine how, even weeks after such ‘episodes’ as the one which befell golf enthusiast, Corine Remande [or millions of other survivors of ‘accidents’] have faded into a distant memory, their energetic waves go on vibrating inside many persons’ lives as, they, themselves, actively or passively, go on co-creating ‘happenings’ in their own lives and the lives of others.

The bottom line is that whether we are standing still, moving forward, backing out or attempting a life-changing U-turn, we, drivers of our destinies, never have a direct, transparent view of where we are headed.

Why? Because we are ‘only’ humans – and as such, our moods, our health, our ego-based priorities will always make us karmically fallible.

Little blind mice that we are, day-in/day-out, year-in/year-out, we alternate between drifting, shifting, intending, wishing and manipulating.

Each resulting action edits differently, for better or for worse, the invisible web of energy that is continually shaping our 3-D reality. Though it offers us a smorgasbord of choices, the limitations of our human mind can only ever perceive by a few, if that many.

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