C.C.’s Jagged Dreams
Pam Harrison
Friday, July 15, 2005

The passing months since my first book review and interview with sensual lesbian Aussie author C.C. Saint-Clair have seen a swelling tide of interest in this woman and her published work.

C.C. has an ability to create remarkably visual scenes and a talent for digging gut-deep into the emotions of her reader no matter what topic she might happen to delve into.

Jagged Dreams is such a book. The central character, Tamara, is savagely attacked in a parking lot and left for dead, later found by her lover, Emilie and taken to the hospital.

Barely alive, fighting for consciousness, Tamara drifts in and out of reality into her dreams and memories of her past, vague glimpses of the attack in the parking lot, and that haunted summer in Bordeaux, France, where she first met and loved Marielle, a victim of incest.

Called an “intelligent and sensitive handling of the issue of abuse,” Jagged Dreams deals with homophobia and incest, but it’s really about love and commitment. It’s also about lesbian love, lust and temptation.

This is the first of C.C.’s novels in which she also packs a “whodunit” inside the subplot. What else works in this novel, as in most of her others, is the way C.C. juxtaposes wonderfully sexy and poetic moments like those of Tamara and Marielle in the vineyards of Bordeaux with vile abuses of her father. The tenderness, the resilience, the gentleness of same-sex love, friendship and comfort is the overriding theme in Jagged Dreams.

C.C. had this to offer about the book: “My writing’s primary focus…(is) lesbian romance that exposes the vulnerable, often emotional, side of real lesbians’ lives, warts and all, through painful introspection.”

This book has received attention from a number of women’s groups and gay/lesbian welfare associations extolling the touching sensitivity she has employed on her topics, giving further kudos to her tag of “The Thinking Woman’s Lesbian Romance Writer.”

She has expressed some discomfort with the title, but she is fully deserving of it, nonetheless. For those of you who are already Saint-Clair fans: C.C. is seeking an American publisher this year in hopes of widening her readership base. See what all the fuss is about! Get your own copy of Jagged Dreams today.