C.C. Saint-Clair’s unique blend of plots – richly textured lesbian romance embedded in urban realism – offers a cheap and easy way to slide into another zone, into another’s world –  cheaper than a quality DVD – lasts five times as long, even if you don’t hit the PAUSE button once. Gay Relationship Books MS mag  Far From Maddy is a must read.”

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Many a beautiful and gentle dyke-heart has been broken by the here-now-gone-tomorrow straight woman who was unable to commit either to the somewhat marginalized lifestyle,  to sexual intimacy without a nature-made penis and, pre-dating the validation of Pink Parenting, to a life most likely without children.

C.C. Saint-Clair

Read: Far From Maddy  Award-winning screenplay extract 

Gay Relationship Books Far from maddy cover
Novel- 250 pages

Serious question:

How do YOU find someone who is struggling to find herself?


C.C. Sant-Clair’s genre is GLBT, but we were struck by how vividly she portrayed human emotion and need in her screenplay Far From Maddy. We felt that her story speaks to a larger audience.


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Imagine a park: lovely old trees. Birds chirping away in the branches. Gently sloping lawn. Dappled shade.

A lone figure on a picnic blanket, book in hand, tuned into private thoughts.

It is you. You are in the park. You are reading, but more importantly, you are elsewhere in your head.

The book you are reading is Far From Maddy.

A distinctive voice … unusually poetic for lesbian grunge.

Though I usually prefer characters who are a bit more highbrow, I fell in love with Saint-Clair’s two, young protagonists – Veronika Clayton

Far From Maddy is SO compelling!

I’ve not been able to get it out of my mind for days – Scarlet