She Magazine

January 2005 Vol. 6 w Issue 12
Morgan in the Mirror — Bringing understanding about what it’s like to be more than a butch lesbian, not a lesbian at all, really-instead, a boy stuck inside a girl’s body, longing to pee like a boy, have a penis, get an erection, climax like a man-this book let’s you in the world of becoming a transman-a transgender woman to man-going through the incredible journey from one sex to another, regardless of the emotional and financial costs or the overwhelming medical procedures.The story is told through the eyes of Morgan, a transman living as a man in Australia, Morgan’s best friends, lesbian lovers Jo and Maddy, and Christen, a bi-curious police detective who falls for Morgan.

The love and the acceptance that allowed a supposed guy into the closely guarded world of the lesbian couple transcends into even more love and acceptance than before.

This book is definitely the read-even if you think you’re not directly connected to the subject, “our survival as a community is based on our ability to become compassionate, accepting human beings capable of caring for each other, even in the absence of understanding.”

by: diane wilde
[email protected]

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