Dreams – Yudit C.S. Explains

Generally speaking, I am not particularly interested in the interpretation of dreams unless, of course, I wake up remembering one vividly. I figure I’m already flat-out understanding the content of whatever comes to me in the flurry of physical moments underfoot. However, for Yudit, everything that comes into our awareness, particularly what comes from the astral realm, is of utmost relevance. So, one day, she shared a few of her key dreams with me, as illustrations of the relevant symbolism embedded in each of our dreams – whether we remember the dream or not.

Please, keep in mind that Yudit’s language is Hebrew and that, in each of her teaching emails, she did her best to resurrect what English she had learnt in the early part of her life to share with me what she thought would benefit me the most – here and now.


C.C., to make my point clearer,” Yudit said recently, “let’s look at another example: the traditional interpretation of a lion in our dreams. Books usually say that the lion symbolizes great strength, aggression and physical power which is interpreted as overcoming our emotions as well as our challenges. This interpretation exists simply because, in the modern world, the lion is seen as the king of the jungle. Centuries back, the lion also represented royalty, leadership, pride and dominance.

“When a lion comes to me in a dream, for me it won’t mean that I’m about to take over a situation and impose my will on another being. It won’t mean that I have to exercise restraint in my own personal and social life. What it will mean is a reminder for me to not regress into indulging any of my lower desires, the ones triggered by the base and the sacral chakras.

Look, here is how a lion came to me in a dream:

I am walking alongside a woman through a very big hall. We arrive at the top floor where a lion is asleep in the hallway. I say to the woman: “What will happen when the lion awakes? Ze lo beseder that a lion should be lying like this in the middle of the hallway.” Inside the large hall that we finally reach, there are many people. Suddenly the lion rushes down the stairs, jumps toward the entrance and starts to struggle with another lion. Then, the lion returns and approaches me. I just sense that I have powers to block him.

So, I point a finger at the lion and say forcefully: “Lo! No!” The lion retreats but returns again. I extend a finger and again while looking directly into his eyes, I say: “Lo! Lo! No!”

The lion retreats one more time. Then, suddenly again, he jumps towards me, but stops at my feet and lies down. As I look down, all that there is at my feet is a big white dog with very long hair.

So, I look at this dog in wonderment until his minder comes out of somewhere and stands by me. This man holds a strap that he ties to the dog’s neck.

He smiles at me and takes the dog with him. While they walk away, I see that the dog has become once again a lion.

And now, CC, let’s look at the interpretation of the various symbols present in that dream:

Lion = animalism – lower desires from our base chakra and fed by our ego-persona  

Big hall = our ego-persona/ourselves. The more we are developed, the greater is this symbolic hall  

A lot of people = our reflected inner being. They symbolize the various “I”s that we are inside our persona and, for sure, they are numerous. If we see people doing their tasks without conflicts, this symbolizes our inner harmony. When we can master all our various little egos and keep them on a leash, they are under control and ze beseder gamoor.

Dog = unconditional love, faith

White = enlightenment

“C.C., it can be added that the lion’s minder symbolizes my ability to control my lower desires and my ability to turn them into positive ones – from lion to dog.

In short, this dream has nothing to do with power and dominance or about being a violent carnivore, but what it tells me is that when I control my ego- persona, I tame ‘the beast within’, as the expression goes.

These lowly materialistic urges vanish and I remain enlightened.

The lion that changes into a dog and then changes back, is the reminder that these aspects of ourselves always exist, no matter what. They are always lurking. It is good to remember that they can, and do, take over in turns, depending on how we feed – or starve – them in our day-to-day dealings with others and ourselves.”

** Ze lo beseder = it’s not right    Lo = no         Ze beseder gamoor = this is very good

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