Destination: here, now! [Part 1]

October, 2008

As you can see, dear Reader, I am still fascinated with what Yudit C.S., my mentor, is sharing with me on a daily via emails sent all the way from Jerusalem, Israel.

Very humbly and very sanely, I’ll dare say that my ‘muse’ [Soul’s whispers] a.k.a. inspiration is motivating me to share what I can with you. So, I think there will be quite a few more meandering articles/blogs coming out of my keyboard in the months, perhaps even years, to come.

Time will tell. 😊


As spiritual understanding moves in an ever-expanding spiral. Being a good person, by anyone’s yardstick, is one thing but, though it is essential, it is not what THIS approach to karmic amendment is about.

Western philosophy and science trap the universe in the network of words, thoughts, equations and substitutes as well as an ongoing confusion of rules, laws, grammar and mathematics called ‘reasoning’. Sadly, we take in this network and make it rigid. We then use it as so many weapons against the ordered and logical spontaneity of nature.

As a rule of thumb, I will say that even as we consider ourselves thoughtful and caring, we are, to greater or lesser degrees, a part of our culture’s worship of personal power and profit and therefore equal to greater or lesser degrees removed from our spirit’s energy, from our energy field and the karma that is currently ours to edit.

The ever-spreading juggernaut that has become western-styled culture is one of upgrades and supersizes; of heroes who hit, throw, bounce or chip balls of varying sizes; of great, easy sex; of I want it now-I want it to be easy-I want it to be cheap-I want it to be fun; of self-indulgent behaviour, of blame-shifting, of anger flare-ups, and of il[legal] drugs.

Our lifestyle menu is as full of mind-numbing options and escapist behaviours as a jellybean jar is full of beans. The only assumed power we have is that of trying to ‘make things happen’ in a hit-and-miss manner, seeking to create a sense of gratification that is relatively short-lived.

As the amateur juggler knows well, there are only so many balls that can be kept in the air before one is dropped.  The juggler blames gravity.                                                                                                   We blame karma. The reality is that most of us are unaware of how any thought, any decision, any un-decision will boomerang … somewhere, anytime, anyhow … to hit us on the head or, if we are lucky, to simply bite us on the tail.

The sad thing is that by the time that moment occurs we will, as always, have lost awareness of its connection to that one action, or decision made back in time. Yet, this synchronistic connection will nonetheless be real.

I have found viewing Babel, directed by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, starring Cate Blanchet and Brad Pitt, an excellent way to fast-track understanding of cause and effect/action-reaction and karmic consequences. I would recommend also having a look at the bonus disk, as it takes us behind the scenes where the turnstile of synchronistic connections and the invisible threads linking each of the characters to each other, are unravelled.

Being in the present, the only way to be if attempting to edit any karma means not being mentally absent as we eat, talk, work, play and churn over thoughts. Being present in the moment means that we should be aware of ourselves, in the moment underfoot.

Editing karma does not mean that we have to stop doing things we find pleasant. It merely means that we need to observe ourselves in the middle of the little moments spent alone or in our tribe, little and everyday moments that are as innocuous as the small breaths that link to a sigh.

Editing our karma begins with the observation of ourselves whilst riding the crest of the waves; the moments of pain we are desperate to avoid – the ones that [almost] break us; and others, usually the rarer ones, the ones we live for, the ones that are said to make life worth living.

The questions at hand are Where are we in between these peaks and troughs? Where is our heart? Where are our thoughts in between our all-involving highs and our lows?

Though children do not have adequate means of dealing with fateful karma, as soon as they become young adults, they do. The theory I now subscribe to is that our karma, through our soul’s guidance, will never lead us to challenges [commonly known as bad karma] that we cannot overcome through a spiritual approach – an approach radically different from anything usually taught, practised and observed in all consumer-driven societies.

A genuine spiritual approach is one that rips us away from the impulsive needs and greed of our mechanical ego-persona, i.e., the emotional buffers, the crutches on which we rely and no longer question because ‘everyone is doing it’.

If you, reading these pages, consider yourself a good person and, if others tease you about your generosity by calling you a ‘bleeding heart’, even you might have to overhaul your modus operandi just like the rest of us self-centred folks. Even those of you who ‘fight’ for a cause or would ‘kill’ to right wrongs might have to reassess your MO if, once the laudable deeds are done, you pollute your own energy field as well as that of others – as with second-hand smoke – with bad moods and bristling energy.

What we are talking about here is mostly not about being good Samaritans or committed activists who are involved for the right reasons and in the right way – and who have their own ‘house’ in order.

Most of us do give to charity or help the Girl Scouts fundraise by buying their cookies. Some of us might even do volunteer work at an animal refuge or nurse the elderly.                                                Whether in flashy, mediatised ways or in anonymous ways, most of us are basically nice people meaning to do good. But most of us also come home fuming because the boss is trying to squeeze us dry or because we missed out on that ‘perfect’ opportunity or because our mother-in-law is at it again or because some asshole did this or did that ‘to us’.

Some people press our buttons and some occurrences do put us in a foul mood. Once home, we slam the fridge door, bark at the dog, at the kid, at our partner demolish an ice cream tub, a bottle of booze or retreat behind a Do Not Disturb sign or hoodie, blissfully unaware that whatever we feel inside has permeated our energy field, our aura and has leaked into that of those nearest us

Bottom line: It is in our energy field that our karma gets calibrated.

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