Breasts Attract Eyes As Honey Attracts Bees

Here is a truism: breasts attract eyes as honey attracts bees. And here is another: What the eye does not admire, the heart does not covet. There is much wisdom in this ancient idiom but sexual desire, the coming together of several different neural mechanisms within our limbic system, has a mind of its own. So, we might be nearer to the truth of the matter if we agree that whatever the heart does not covet doesn’t trigger urges.

Bare All – Shine Light

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed in 1948 and translated into more than 500 languages guarantees among several others the rights to equal wages for equal work, respect and personal safety to all persons. However, in some countries, it is said ‘life is cheap’, that self-control is not a cultural expectation, that men are violent towards other men and, often, that violence is directed towards women and children. Their hurt, pain and death are simply considered unfortunate by-products of these volatile cultures in flux.

About Locks and Defensive Walls

Since keys and locks appeared in ancient Egypt and Assyria, Man has gone to great lengths to keep himself as well as his compassionate heart – behind locked gates in a bid to protect himself and all that he considers his ‘possessions’.These days, personal experience shapes neither our emotions nor our thoughts nor our actions. Like never before, our judgement is zapped by the relentless and manipulative energy of posts, tweets, and retweets on the back of TV or Facebook ‘news’ and media reports.

The More Men Search for Masculine Energy – The More Naked Is the Female Body

Here, at the start of this new mind-meander, is as good a place as any to ponder why to this day, despite his inherent height and muscle advantage, Man has relied on his wardrobe to give him the enhanced masculine edge he feels he needs to boost his natural endowments. While in search of inspiration, intrigue and visual titillation, Man has denuded Woman and he, himself, has had to endure life swathed in archetypal garments intended to give him a more commanding, robust allure.

Wonder Woman – Sexy Brawn

October 12, 2016 – It has just been announced that Wonder Woman, the actual comic book character [not Lynda Carter, actress in the 1975 TV series] would become an honorary ambassador in support of the UN’s sustainable development goal number five which is “to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.Not surprisingly, the announcement was met with a silent protest, mostly from women, who voiced concerns over WW’s ‘overtly sexualised image’ that is not ‘culturally encompassing or sensitive.’