Cast In A Karmic Choreography

The event of one’s passing might touch us in various ways on a scale of 0 to 100. We might feel utterly bereft. We might find ourselves in an active role, as the catalyst, as the ‘accidental’ executioner or as the first response helper on the scene. We might be cast in the passive but perhaps traumatic role of the witness. We might hear about the event in the media and go, ‘Oh no!’ or simply shrug and move on with a click of the touchpad.

Mostly, unless the departed had become a household name or unless we belonged to the same virtual clan, chances are we will not hear of his or her passing. End of the line for that person, but not necessarily end of relevance in this lifetime, as some deaths, as intended in the quantum universe, prompt us in several ways.

Though our own expiry might surprise, devastate or shock some, it would serve them to make speedy peace with this outcome that, for reasons which cannot be fathomed, had become unavoidable.

Once the initial wave of grief subsides within the minds of those who cared, anyone’s passing should bring forth a potential growth spurt in the form of a refined, more authentic way to connect with others, with the self and global matters found to be of personal relevance.

When, at varying levels, one’s passing provides the stimulus for self-analysis in others, it is recognised as the ‘kick in the bum’ karmically intended to shift us out of the same old/same old modus operandi that has co-created our reality up to this point in time. It signposts a pathway of remedying solutions to enhance the rest of our lives. After all, aren’t we all on a journey of recovery?

Having brashly substituted the word moment for the word book in a quote from Franz Kafka, let us consider it: ‘Many a moment is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s self.’

In the meantime, while alive and well-ish, the only thing that matters is the energy we put ‘out there’ – while we still can – towards those we consider our loved ones, towards ourselves, towards those we do not like and even those we do not know. As Rabbi Nachman of Breslov once said, ‘If you believe breaking is possible, believe fixing is possible.’

It is the degree of clarity which imbues all that we feel, say and do that positions us where we need to be for optimal growth. Therefore, we should be awake and aware enough to hear our soul’s whispers and let them guide us in the form of ‘intuition’.

From ancient medicine to the treatment of modern illness, the unchanged fact to keep in mind, literally, is that the energy of our heart affects the energy of our mind which affects the energy of our body which affects our emotions which affect our thoughts which affect all of our body’s systems. Mind, body, heart and soul are a unified whole.

So, there is no space left for interpreting life as moments of good or bad timing. Not any more than there is for good or bad luck.

There is an appropriate level of challenge tailor-made for each one of us. It is embedded in the instants intended to trigger healthy personal and societal reflection. It infuses the clanging of our emotions along with the thoughts and priorities that we do not rejig.

These are the ones we allow to stretch out. The ones that ripple, fade, colour, peak and blend with those of the proverbial cast of 1000 that is invisibly enmeshed with and through our selves. These are the folks we love, the ones we do not like, the ones we hang with or reject for unclear reasons, the ones whose attitudes we espouse, whose dreams and aspirations we make ours and whose apparent assets and status we envy.

Thousands of these unpredictable ‘mishap’ challenges occur daily around the world but one that occurred at the time of writing, October 2018, serves well to illustrate the case in point.

Corine Remande, a spectator who had travelled from Egypt to Paris to attend the Ryder Cup golf tournament in Paris was struck in the face by a stray golf ball shot by Brooks Koepka. His drive had veered wide. Her eyeball exploded.

The illusory randomness of such incidents is aptly encapsulated in Koepka’s heartfelt sentiment. ‘I hit a golf ball, someone lost the sight in their eye.’ He added, ‘If you break it down to the heart of it, it’s not a good feeling.’

Some spectators rushed to assist Corine while many more ran after Tiger Woods who happened to be walking nearby. Rightly, according to mainstream thinking, Corine Remande is thinking about suing the tournament organisers.

Of course, golf tournament officials, just as all other organisations or person-in-charge need to exercise duty of care to ensure all spectators, competitors, clients, employees, patients, people of all ages, any time anywhere, are kept safe from karmic events – but it’s a big ask.

That said, imagine how, well after such an ‘episode’ has faded into a distant memory, its energetic waves go on vibrating inside many persons’ lives as, they, themselves, actively or passively go on co-creating ‘happenings’ in their own lives and in the lives of others.

The bottom line is that whether we are standing still, moving forward, backing out or attempting a life-changing U-turn, we, drivers of our destinies, never have a direct, transparent view of where we are headed.

Little blind mice that we are, day-in/day-out, year-in/year-out, we alternate between drifting, shifting, intending, wishing and manipulating. Each resulting action edits differently, for better or for worse, the invisible web of energy that is continually shaping our 3-D reality. Though it offers us a smorgasbord of choices, the limitations of our human mind can only ever perceive a few. If that many.

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