Stepping Stones to the Top of The World [Volume 1] The Great Forgetfulness

C.C. Saint-Clair

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Give Freely – Receive Freely

Why Am I Not Marketing/Selling this collection of articles written between 2007 and 2014?


On this, a lovely Saturday in February 2014, as I sort through the many articles I have written over the years with the view of finally collating them in a full manuscript dealing with all matters of the heart and soul, I still stand by what I thought back in 2007, as I tentatively published the first article, the first work of non-fiction on my website, a site born out of my experiences as novelist.

Here is the text I wrote seven years ago: I still don’t have a clear idea of where I am going with the idea of publishing this first article on my site but, already, I wish to flag the fact that it is not a clever and oh so subtle marketing ploy intended as a teaser for the next Saint-Clair novel.

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In many aspects, the pages that follow are like the stepping stones that lead to the edge of The Path. Whether or not one gets on The Path and has enough gumption to stay on it and keep moving forward depends entirely on how much emotional and spiritual balance the person wishes to invest in this very            personal pursuit. Genuine mindfulness comes at a price – a deliberate, constant and considered application ‘in the field’, in each of our relationships, of all that our brain has finally come to understand and accept because, finally, through her connection to Soul, the ego-persona remembers.

The stepping stones map out the way to a bridge – a bridge to Soul. While I was in the process of writing each of my novels, I would joke that I had a muse hovering above my left shoulder, as I sat at the keyboard. How else would I have come up with seven novels in three years and the luminous or evocative language appreciated by readers that surprises even me – I, who had never thought of writing anything?

Spiritual Awakening Books cc-headshotThese days, I know I have a muse, and my muse is my soul. My muse pushed me to assume my newfound knowledge and to embed it in articles treating the fathomless topic of secular spiritual philosophy. More recently, she has prompted me to compile some of the articles that have laid scattered in various online Articles Directories to bring them in the form of this book to whoever might be interested in genuine, hype-free, worship-free spirituality. So … when the Queen orders, the servant complies humbly 🙂

Chapter 1- Would The Real Soul, Please, Rise!

La Petite Chartreuse, directed by Jean-Pierre Denis, a French film about an introverted man, an antiquarian, who accidentally runs over an eight-year-old girl, offers a thoughtful illustration of what amending karma can look like.

Indeed, the only way to karmically right a wrong is to undo the wrong by reversing the deed through personal involvement and from the heart – not out of a sense of duty.

Karma can only be amended when we can repair directly with our victim – should we be so lucky as to still have her/him within reach. There is no other way.

N.B. I have decided to refer to my soul as she as I don’t think ‘it’ would be appropriate, not even with a capital ‘I’, and I cannot possibly refer to MY soul as he, not even if spelt with a capital H, even though I know all souls are genderless – such are the limitations of language, but here is not the place to be pedantic about language.

Having said that, dear Reader, if you are more attuned to the word God, Cosmic Energy, Celestial Force or any other name than to the word Soul, as you read on, do feel free to transpose the name you are more comfortable with.

Names are words. Words are man-made and, as such, words are limiting. They can never label correctly anything that is intangible – certainly not anything that is as unchartered and as profound as is the realm of life beyond the material world.


The covers for the 3 volumes of The Steppings Stones series have been kindly donated by Jayne Doah.

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