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Far From Maddy

Many a beautiful and gentle dyke-heart has been broken by the here-now-gone-tomorrow straight woman who was unable to commit either to the somewhat marginalized lifestyle,  to sexual intimacy without a nature-made penis and, pre-dating the validation of Pink Parenting, to a life most likely without children. Freeze-Frame Imagine a park: lovely old trees. Birds chirping away…

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Jagged Dreams

Dear Reader, Hi! I thought it might be kind of neat if I took the time to explain in an off-the-cuff post what this fifth novel, Jagged Dreams, is about. It goes like this: on the one hand, I’ve focused on the sensuality of lesbian love (always foremost in my mind) and, on the other,…

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Risking Me – Free Download

Risking-me = Risking Time Out From it All = 358 pages Not a Risk At All. Only a Refreshing, Re-creative Break. Your buttons will be pushed!      You won’t just finish the last page and toss this book out of sight, out of mind: the characters, these new friends with whom you’ve just shared moments of heightened emotional intensity,…

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Morgan In The Mirror

Why Morgan? Simply because, as a cisgender woman, once I became interested in the notion of gender on a continuum, particularly where it is relevant to female-to-male gender dysphoria, I realised there was not a lot of rich, positive, real-to-life fiction out there either for the FTM readers [of fiction] or their SOFFAs or questioning…

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Silent Goodbyes

Join Emilie and Solange on board Lazy Moon I reached for her hand and pulled her close to me behind the wheel. She draped an arm around my shoulder, a little stiffly at first and for a moment, together but with different eyes, churning different thoughts, we looked in the same direction, straight ahead, beyond…

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Benchmarks – Free Download

C.C. Saint-Clair’s second novel, Benchmarks, is now out of print – but the ebook can still be grabbed! Based on a true story, Benchmarks focuses on unattainable female desire. It is set in the Montmartre district of Paris, the French snowfields, and the Riviera. It is a classic – pure lesbian longing classic – Jane…

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Warriors We Are

Courage comes from our willingness to trust and be humble little blind mice in a maze. No idea in which direction lie the coveted morsels of cheese. No idea behind which are hidden the punishing electrical pulses.

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Tough Stuff: thought control

It's Cultural. It's Not us.

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The Stepping Stones Series

Rethinking Thinking

Volumes 1 & 2 of the Stepping Stones to the Top of the World Series.

(340 Pages / 6MB)

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