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All Eyes On

… on the moment underfoot 🙂

Dear Reader, how about we lift up our head and aim to move from unconscious behaviour to conscious responses to What-Is?

How about we focus our thoughts more on the future that’s forever peaking in the next moment underfoot than on the past that is about nothing more than traces of amalgamated toxic material whirring only in our thoughts?

Up to us to become conscious of how fortunate we are in so many ways.

So, how about we tap the pause button and count those ways?

Right here.

Right now.

In the only moment that ever exists in our reality.

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Current Drawing In Progress :-)

Everyone’s life is insecure by nature. No matter how quiet and regulated our life might seem, beyond dying one day, there is no certainty about anything.
As long as Soul breathes us, life’s plot beats will happen to us.
Yes, for the great majority of us, tomorrow is another day, but what sort of day do we want it to be?

Fearing fear and fearing death keeps us from living fully, but it doesn’t stop anything unwelcome from happening to us.
Only self-enforced resilience and trust in Soul [or in any divine entity of one’s choosing] can help us manage the worst aspects of fear and bring back resilience and coherence to our day-to-day, today or any day.

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Not in the Moment Looks/Feels Like That :-)

What if we had the stomach to push beyond the comfort zone of the known – the known that we find ourselves into – the known that depletes us?
What if we explored the causes of our discomfort to better ‘declutter’ the messy, frazzled, dark emotions that seem to fill up so much of our mind space?
What if we took the necessary actions to ‘surrender’ to what we feel deeply?
What if we did that without attachment to the outcome?
What if we dug up strategies to help fade what no longer serves us and energise a reality more in tune with our true aspirations?
What if we increased and sustained our own emotional resilience and, perhaps, even inspired others near and far to consolidate their own?

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It All Flutters Away

I write a lot more than I draw and I draw only when in my mother’s company to encourage her to keep colouring despite the deepening Alzheimer’s related decline in vision/spatial issues and hand coordination. One day in 2019, six colouring pencils on a sketchpad began shaping my 1st ‘inspired doodle’.
Lovin’ it :-))

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A question worth asking ourselves is what has gotten in the way of us leading the life we thought we would be leading as healthy, happy and responsible adults with our heart in the right place, as the expression goes.
Another question worth asking is: do we care enough about our selves to envisage, visualise and energise a new narrative about our short and long-term objectives, with holistic wellness at its core?
Suffering is a choice.
Not choosing, not deciding, not actively surrendering to what is, like not voting, like any inaction is an action all the same.

They all generate ripples.
Walking away, shifting blame, resisting, pretending, breaking ties, shirking responsibilities only setup obstacles of varying height and width.
Our persona wants us to be happy and carefree, but the ways it chooses to do that on our behalf only create unease and disease.
It misinterprets the line of least resistance.

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Tous Lies – Interconnected

Aren’t the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and extreme weather events illustrating very graphically how, as humans, fauna and flora living within the cosmos, we totally interconnected and interdependent on each other?

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Our Present Is Not For the Faint-Hearted

Our Present Is Not For the Faint-Hearted Cont’d from What Are We Able To Do?   Heads up: this mind-meander might simply end up being a grab-bag of ‘throw away’ ideas about the harms we, humans, have accepted to inflict ourselves under the guise of ‘modernity’ – but, hopefully, there will be a bit more

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Lion-Hearted, WE Are

Uncomfortable questions: how to become bold and brave?
How to develop calm as we raise a fist in peaceful protest against our herd mentality?
Against glaring inequities?
Against whatever we think is wrong near and far and wish to make right in our homes and in our communities?

Maybe ‘bold and brave’ is what overtakes us once we realise the need to show up for our selves.
Maybe it’s what happens when we realise the need to show up for each other.
‘Bold and Brave’ is what infuses us once we realise – and accept – that whatever happens in our day-to-day is on us.
It is what comes upon us once we realise What-Is is ours to deal with it in the only real moment that is – the moment which exists between each of our deep inhales and slow exhales.

It is then – and only then – that we enable our selves to actively and coherently surrender to What-Is in the moment underfoot.

So, we let go of the ‘poor me’ mindset.
We let go of the impulse to shift blame, too.
We no longer indulge emotions that make us say, “Look what you made me do!” or “Your bad karma is making me sick,” or “Bad things happen to good people. I really didn’t deserve that!’

Reality check: our emotions are ours.
Our thoughts and beliefs are ours.
Our actions/reactions/inactions are ours.
Our coherent responses to what-Is are ours.
They are the best we can do in any given moment.
We can always do better tomorrow.

Heads up: as we raise a brave but peaceful fist, we understand that we need structure.
That we need discipline.
That we need to break down the wall of fear.
We have to let go of the fear that, just as we are – even when we feel we are feeling/thinking and reacting at our best – we are not seen as relevant.
Not worthy of trust, of genuine connections – of love.

Once we begin to truly understand and accept all of that, then, we become Lion-Hearted.

We see what there is to see – we feel what there is to feel – with our kind lion’s heart. 😊

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The Moment Flows By

We would never beg the universe to bring upon us a challenge just so that we can recalibrate our feelings, thoughts and priorities, but these moments are delivered to our doorstep anyway.
Our negative inner voice is not going to change.
It cannot change on its own.
We need to interrupt the unconscious flow of thoughts that we accept as ours the split second we notice them.
So, we need to limit the flow of our words.

And we interrupt the automated language of our everyday consciousness.
In doing so, we allow in creativity and insight.
We smile encouragingly at our selves.
We appreciate our own efforts.
We are curious as to where ‘all that’ will lead us.
When we’re ready to begin a courageous conversation with our selves, we begin to tackle the roots of the CAUSE for that negativity.

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Rafting Towards Our Rainbow

True mastery of rafting begins with the management of the currents.
Of submerged rocks.
Of the winds.
Of greater, stronger, faster waves.
Of their peaks. Of their troughs.

As we trim down our little sails, we trim down our objective to bite-sized habits,
We anchor new habits like refraining from judging anyone.
We remember the golden rule to treat others as we would like them to treat us.
We refrain from gossiping about anyone.
About anyone at all.
No exception.

We refrain from complaining. Instead, we cultivate the understanding that, after all – and no matter what – our glass is more than half-full.
We develop the courage to tell those whose behaviour is hurting us that we feel the hurt.
We forgive even the ones who have wronged us.

We develop a new form of courage, too.
Like that of saying sorry a heartfelt sorry even when we’re not totally at fault.
Though we don’t have the luxury of dropping anchor anywhere, we do anchor our intentions.
We acknowledge each of the moments we handled as best as we could in the moment.
We celebrate ourselves so whole-heartedly that our mind gets the message that doing ‘it’ in that new way is what makes us happiest.

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Warriors We Are

Courage comes from our willingness to trust and be humble little blind mice in a maze. No idea in which direction lie the coveted morsels of cheese. No idea behind which are hidden the punishing electrical pulses.

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Tough Stuff: thought control

It's Cultural. It's Not us.

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