Emma Middlebrook
Rating (out of 5):
4 stars

Morgan in the Mirror was something different for me. I fancied a change from the lesbian mystery/romance novels found in abundance; this was a welcome change. I did struggle at first to get into the book and I couldn’t really visualise what was going on. It didn’t take long though and only a few chapters later I found myself unable to put the book down.

Morgan in the Mirror is a remarkable story about a young man with a past, unlike the norm. He began his life on the world as a she and this story follows Morgan through some traumatic times at the height of his transition from female to male.

CC Saint-Clair really gets the emotions running high and at times it brought a tear to my eye. The chemistry between Christen and Morgan was exciting. The relationship that was forming was typical of two people falling in love, full of lust and desire.

CC does well to also show subtitled that all is not what it seems, the pain that Morgan must have felt because he had to push Christen away every time she attempted to seduce him.

I did find some parts of the story slow at times when CC gets into Morgan’s head revisiting his disturbing memories. Knowing you are gay as a child can be a traumatic experience but to feel trapped in a body that you believe was not meant to be is worse and these chapters that delve into the depths of Morgan’s mind and memories portray this.

I found Morgan in the Mirror a very interesting, gripping read that opened my eyes to a world that I was not very familiar with. I was disappointed when the story ended as I was not ready to stop reading.

I hope CC Saint-Clair continues to explore the different genres in our community and I would certainly read the next novel.