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For me, writing is about the reader and I silently communicating with each other. I like knowing that I always have someone, even if a stranger, with whom to share my thoughts.
Whether the genre is fiction or spiritual transformation, I always write about aspects of daily life. I love to get close, analytically close, to my characters as I do to my own character.

In both cases, I need to know who I’m dealing with.

As a writer, I try to do justice to my muse’s whisperings by shaping them into coherent sentences and paragraphs that resonate with readers.  I try to capture their attention and stimulate their imagination. I try to influence their reflections towards a higher degree of consciousness, if only for a moment.

There is love and darkness in each of us. So, whether it’s about relating to some controversial plot beats in my fiction, or whether it’s about deconstructing culturally-induced hacks of our heart and soul from a personal, secular perspective, I enjoy thinking that my writing offers relatable reads to a broad range of invisible, yet very real, persons ‘out there’.

As long as I allow myself the freedom and confidence to write what I feel and to feel what I write, I’m happy.

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LGBTIQ romance novels- North and Left from Here II LGBTIQ romance novels - Morgan in the Mirror by CC Saint-Clair

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