Risking-me = Risking Time Out From it All

= 358 pages worth.

Not a Risk At All. Only a Refreshing, Re-creative Break.

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Your buttons will be pushed!


You won’t just finish the last page and toss this book out of sight, out of mind: the characters, these new friends with whom you’ve just shared moments of heightened emotional intensity, will stay in your thoughts well after you’ve put the book down.

Grab a copy of Risking-me, the [lesbian] romance novel that flags the issue of same-gender domestic violence and you won’t just be turning pages: you will think and you will empathize.

C.C. Talk

Risking-me was the first [lesbian] romance novel in which I embedded a societal issue. Its real focus is domestic violence in our midst. In the days I wrote it, in too many lesbian communities, the topic of abusive partners was kept conveniently loose and intangible through a Don’t Ask/Don’t tell code of silence.

It is now estimated that the instances of DV within same-sex relationships match fairly closely the frequency and intensity experienced by the heterosexual segment of the population.

Why would it be any different? As lesbians, gays or straights, we are all products of the ‘greater western world society’ and its stressors.

Besides, there is commonality when it comes to our parents and the emotional baggage that was passed on to them, before they passed it on to us –

C.C. Saint-Clair

Something About Tamara

I look at her. She looks at me. And she smiles. I smile on the outside, not knowing what to do with myself on the inside. I mean, look at her, standing in the fading sunlight, tall, straight with an air of quiet assuredness about her. The easy smile I see isn’t just on her face. It’s not just on her lips. And so she stands there, her wide shoulders unencumbered, certainly not by that diminutive backpack of hers. Only big enough it is, to hold her wallet and keys, a pack of cigarettes if she smoked, a dainty little box of mini tampons when needed. Ah, yes, the little backpack is, I know, big enough to also hold a couple of Glyde dams.

Risking Very Little

This book opened my eyes to the situation of same gender DV.

I had ‘heard’ about it, but it’s only while I was turning the pages that it really hit me that women are not exempt from violent mood swings and neither are we, lesbians. If you’re in it just for the sexy bits, there’s plenty of that 2.

Tamara and Emilie are the women in love.

The DV moments are about laurel and melissa. There’s also Jill and whats-his-name, the husband. Nothing sexy there. just life as it is for many of us. –

Mary Taylor