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Getting down and personal with C.C.’s ‘women’ is very personal indeed, but you can afford to share.
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 jagge dreams coverFree eNovel- 240 pages
 cc talk logo You won’t just finish the last page and toss this lesbian novel out of sight, out of mind: the characters – Emilie, Tamara, Jamie and Marielle, with whom you’ve just shared moments of heightened emotional intensity, will stay in your thoughts well after you’ve put the book down.

“I got hooked from the start and was MOST annoyed when I finished Jagged Dreams, because I just didn’t want it to end” – Scarlet

Dear Reader, hi!

I thought it might be kind of neat if I took time to explain in an off-the-cuff post what this fifth novel, Jagged Dreams,is about.It goes like this: on the one hand I’ve focused on the sensuality of lesbian love (always foremost in my mind) and, on the other, I’ve targeted homophobia and incest.

This having been said, the feedback I’ve been getting so far suggests that most readers still come away from Jagged Dreams thinking this novel is really about tender mind-wanderings, lustful love and the struggle of keeping one’s promises.

OK, so … beyond regularly reminding myself that the society in which I live is not as peachy-pink for everybody as the way it has finally evolved for me now that I am able to indulge my creativity from inside the emotionally safe life my partner affords me, I wanted to build in an extra layer, something extra such as violent homophobia – something that is very different from what I normally write about, namely the overwhelming rollercoaster-like, mindblasting ‘thrill’ of being attracted to someone we know we cannot afford at the emotional level, for whatever reason.

The prologue focusing on the aggression perpetrated on Tamara sets the plot in motion.

Later, a couple of red-herrings – loose connections to the preceding novel, Risking-me, where Tamara is first introduced, in opposition to Alex, contending for Emilie’s affection – refresh the issue of domestic violence within the lesbian community, my community.

While tracking down the ‘bad guy’, the trick was not to get caught up into a genre switch and stray from my primary focus – lesbian romance that exposes the vulnerable often emotional side of real lesbians’ lives, warts and all, through painful introspection.

I’d be delighted to hear how this combo has worked for you, so don’t be shy. Make the most of free speech. Sooner or later I’ll get the message!

Keep safe out there in the moment that is under your feet.