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Without a clear understanding of how our astral field/ego link up with our neural network, it is impossible to understand the mechanics of our decision-making processes – and impossible to talk about genuine free will.


A Soul’s Quest

By day, a teacher, by night, an explorer – I began to search for life’s meaning, initially through writing fiction and more recently through learning, living, and writing about spiritual philosophy.

A couple of years after my most recent set of back-to-back novels, Far From Maddy and Morgan in the Mirror, my writing took an entirely different tack.

I embarked on “Late but IN time”, a collection of spiritual articles inspired by my inner-most thoughts on all Matters of the Soul.

These articles are posted Off Site on several ezine/articles directories.

They can all be accessed from C.C.’s EZINE button on the navigation panel of this site.

Glimpse of Stepping Stones  – Volume 1


In the early days, the body of my writing focused on the understanding of true karma, Soul, conditional love, being present in the moment, actively accepting What-Is – all the classic concepts of spirituality – from a different perspective – the only one that works for me.

This led me to the making a series of bite-sized Youtube video clips to illustrate these concepts, as practiced within the framework of the approach to spirituality I choose to call … Naked Spirituality.

Beyond the Raised Eyebrows factor, I like the term Naked Spirituality because it suggests a practice that is bare – as free of rituals as it is of spiritual jargon.

Naked Spirituality is a very freeing experience, indeed.

Now, together and separately, the body of my writing and the podcasts [accessible from my Home Page] lead to a transparent understanding of what is … genuine spirituality.

Bottom line: I believe that, if practised with an open heart and diligently, such a belief system can truly begin to set us on The Path of spiritual evolution a.k.a. personal growth through greater emotional coherence and resilience.

Developing a spiritual philosophy [anchored to healthier brain responses] that does not require us to line the pocket of any self-made ‘guru’ is … personally empowering.


Though I do not adhere to any religious faith as such, one of my most recent projects was about Seeking Jesus in all the Right Places.

It is about working out whether he was ever ‘for real’.

The conundrum posed by Jesus of the Christian faith and his historicity is a most absorbing one. To begin with was there, really, such an historical figure?

  • What, of the Jesus of the gospels, is rightfully about him and his deeds and how much was inspired by various Hebrew prototypes, some of whom were named Yeshua?
  • How much of the New Testament was ‘fresh material’ originally created by Mark and then by Matthew?
  • How much of the gospels was actually written as late as the 4th century AD by order of Eusebius, one of the earliest Church Fathers?
  • How much of the New Testament was inspired by ancient Judaic liturgy?

How Much, Why, How,  How Come and How Can This Be are all great questions, indeed!

The thing is, they can only be soberly answered after a careful understanding of the many clues found as much in the New Testament, itself, as in the Torah and in the Book of [Hebrew] Prophets.

Truth: the more I delved into these very different texts and the more, together and separately, I found them the source of endless fascination from a secular perspective.

It is usually agreed that the search for anything meaningful requires reading, first, a lot of it.

Thinking follows and demands investigating.

Hot on their heels arrives reflecting on findings and finally … the expression of an opinion.

And so, written most respectfully from a non-religious perspective, here is ‘The dirt’ on the creation of Jesus.

Once such an extensive research is completed and the paper is published, what next?

Next was a return to my first love in writing, fiction writing. Indeed, what richer plot idea than one based on my most recent research? Thus, inspired by some of the events that, according to the New Testament, preceded and followed the crucifixion of Jesus, I adapted them to suit research findings.

The end-result of this 60 page narrative, From Gethsemane to Arimathea, takes us into the inner sanctum of Jesus/Yeshua, not merely an inspired preacher-healer, a son, a brother and a husband, but also a political activist groomed to lead the Jewish people to freedom. This piece explores the strong links he is said to have had with John the Baptist, the Essenes of Qumran and the Sicarii in the Judean desert. In short, it depicts Jesus/Yeshua within the authentic religious and cultural Jewish contexts that would have been his and it positions him correctly within the framework of Jewish Messianism.


How did it all begin for me?

The urge to switch from fiction to spiritual writing and to write about Naked Spirituality – spirituality free of all artifice – flowed on from the writing of Awakening.

Written along the lines of a spiritual Tao tale, Awakening is a metaphor for accepting What-Is.

Awakening is about not letting the ego-persona drag us into her favorite game of What-Ifs.

Awakening is a metaphor for being present in the moment that presents itself under our feet.

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Awakening is a FREE Transcript – PDF(1.2MB)


My personal understanding on the matter of Naked Spirituality: the approach to spirituality that creates a shift within because the evolutionary work is done within – not outside of us through mesmerizing chants, feel-good dancing, aura maps and crystals or through a myriad of *creature-friendly* props such as successions of retreats, workshops and yet more self-help books on the bookshelf.

I do not believe that any long-term shift can ever take place until we become Awake and Aware – not so much aware of what we do or aware of how we do it – but totally aware of WHY we do what we do ALL that we do.

No significant shift can ever happen until we practice doing this, day in/day out, with uncompromising honesty.

This awareness needs to germinate from the inside/out and our active Acceptance of What-Is – of what makes up most of our real-time moments – has to be total.

There is no other way to be truly be Awake than to rethink the way we think.

For the genuine seeker, there is no other way to reach any sort of long-lasting personal growth.

As a rule of thumb, I will say that even as we consider ourselves thoughtful and caring, we are, to greater or lesser degrees, a part of our culture’s worship of individual power and profit.

Therefore equally, to greater or lesser degrees, we are incrementally removed from our Spirit’s energy – from our energy field – and from the karma that is currently ours to edit in this lifetime.

Basically, the vast majority of us are ‘nice, loving and caring’ people, but only when we choose to be ‘attentive, loving and caring’ towards specific people and in regards to certain causes of our choosing.

The kicker is that we remain ‘attentive, caring and loving’ only as long as they keep tugging at our heart strings.

Altruistic, unconditional ’empathy, love and care’ are definitely not hard-wired into our psyche.

The ever-spreading juggernaut that has become western-styled culture is one of upgrades and supersizes; of heroes who hit, throw, bounce or chip balls of varying sizes; of great, easy sex; of I want it now-I want it to be easy-I want it to be cheap-I want it to be fun; of self-indulgent behavior, of blame-shifting, of anger flare-ups, and of il[legal] drugs.

Our lifestyle menu is as full of mind-numbing options and escapist behaviors as a jellybean jar is full of beans.

Reality check: The only assumed power we have is that of trying to ‘make things happen’ in a hit-and-miss manner, usually with a success that is relatively short-lived.


Question: not many of us seem totally happy with our *life*– if we were, why would we feel so much stress and anxiety?

Anyone’s bottom line observations have to be that the rich seem to always want more and the poor seem to always want more.

The ones in the middle seem to also always want more.

More what? More money; more love; more fun – usually in that order.

The dying ones want more life and the unhealthy ones want more health.

That does make ‘some sense’ but not in the absolute.

Question: Even when we have love, health, comfort and stability, we tend to want more or want differently, in order to keep boredom at bay. Why?

I’ve come to accept that it is because our real essence, the essence of our genuine happiness – our intended state of Just Being – are not at all linked to anything physical or material.

Oddly, en masse, like the pods of whales that are compelled to beach themselves though they have an entire ocean in which to have a *whale of a time*,  the cultural model most of us follow forever dooms us, life time after life time, to be permanently lusting for more of something or other.

It is this *wanting*  that makes us unsatisfied with what we do have, even though, mostly, we really do NOT need any more than what we already have.

The only thing we need to DO for ourselves is a serious re-think of the meaning of Contentment and Happiness.


Yes, of course, KARMA can be amended.

Understanding that the possibility of truly editing some of what is ours to edit, of amending what we can, of controlling what is ours to control in this lifetime begins … once we are seriously willing to consider – in full honesty – that the points mentioned above DO apply to our selves, to us – before they apply to anyone else!


Dare Live Life Differently!

Dare Feel the difference from the inside/out!

For now, dear Person, do keep safe out there – safe in the moment under your feet, as it truly is the only moment we can actively shape from the inside/out.

Kind thoughts from me,

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