It began quite some time ago when I came home feeling particularly fragile after a night on the scene. Though I had never kept a diary, I picked up a notepad and jotted down remembered flashes of discomfort related to the alienating nature of the night’s experience. The following day, I found myself fleshing out these snippets of raw emotion into full sentences and paragraphs, which later became the opening chapter of  North and Left from Here – C.C. Saint-Clair

Born of French parents in Casablanca, I am a native French speaker, although I completed my formal education in the United States at The University of Texas [Austin], majoring in English Literature.

By day, a teacher of English. by night, in 2000, I launched into the writing of lesbian romance novels with a definite slant on social realism.

I went on to self-publish seven books, the best- selling ones being Silent Goodbyes, Far From Maddy and its sequel centered around an empathetic FTM character, Morgan in the Mirror.

From there, I published various short stories with themes ranging from erotic ‘fairy’ tales, The Crab-Catcher and the Fish-Whisperer, to strong spiritual writings such as Awakening, a Tao-type tale.


It is around 2006 that I chose to dedicate my writing to All Matters of the Soul.

I have since published many articles which have been revised and gathered along with fresh material in the first two books of my series,  Stepping Stones To The Top Of The World [volumes 1 and 2]


Each volume is about 300 pages long = ebooks no money can buy 🙂

Both volumes have been set up as free downloads.

Each chapter of these books gives a fresh unique insight into what Karma and Soul really are and into what un-conditional love, being aware and accepting What-Is and blocking out recurring flurries of What-Ifs really mean, here and now.

All the classic concepts of psychology and Zen spirituality leading to mindfulness are brought together to create, in the fullness of time, a genuine rewiring of the brain.

Interestingly, new findings in the field of neuroscience, along with research in stress management and heart intelligence, corroborate the importance of activating these concepts throughout the many separate moments that, daily, present themselves … under our feet.

Stepping Stones To The Top Of The World, Volume 3 [Everything Is Possible With Faith In Soul] is well underway.

The manuscript is shaping itself as a series of mind-meanderings at the heart of the thoughts, customs, and social behavior particular to our era.

Another of my recent endeavors focused on the conundrum posed by Jesus of the Christian faith and his historicity.                                         Did such an historical figure ever really exist?

What if the Jesus of the New Testament fame had been inspired by a Hebrew prototype named Yeshua?

Such questions have resulted in a long series of articles entitled Seeking Jesus in All the Right Places, which can be accessed from C.C’s Ezines on this site’s menu.

It is commonly agreed that the gospel writers were heavily inspired by the Five Books of Moses – known as the Torah – and by the Book of [Hebrew] Prophets. So am I – from a secular perspective.

As a result of this inspiration, my current project is a short novelization of the last twenty-four hours in the life of Yeshua/Jesus, which relies heavily on research gathered while writing the above-mentioned series of articles.

This piece titled From Gethsemane to Arimathea begins moments before Yeshua’s arrest in the gardens of Gethsemane. The last scene takes place in the garden belonging to Yosef of Arimathea for it is on this land that, hewn out of the cliff face, stood the rich merchant’s family burial chambers – one of which, it is said, he made available for the body of Yeshua.

Culturally and religiously speaking, the womenfolk closest to Yeshua [his wife, Myriam Magdalene, his mother, Myriam, and his sister, Salome] could not visit the rock burial chamber until after the Jewish celebrations of Pesach and the compulsory days of ‘sitting shiva’ had been observed.

Thus, it was on the 29th day of Nissan [fifteen days after Yeshua expired on a Roman cross] that the women, the first mourners to pay their respects, went to the chamber and were most surprised to find it empty.

That point in the plot virtually ends this novelization of events that, real or imagined, have shaped two thousand years of secular western culture in ways that are difficult to fathom – and in that lies my newfound enthusiasm for the topic.

As you can imagine, dear Reader, all of this has been keeping me busy – and out of trouble – for quite some time already 🙂

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